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Nova Nation Fan Shirt

Nova Nation

Villanova University is pleased to announce the launch of the new t-shirt for students and fans to wear with pride. The shirts are the second edition of the original Villanova fan shirt that was released in 2004. The shirt was designed in conjunction with Student Life, the Student Government Association, the Basketball Club, and Athletics.

The new t-shirts are navy blue on both sides. The front of the shirt features the Wildcats "V" logo and the reverse side has the patented "Nova Nation" graphic that is fast becoming part of the Villanova culture. Fans can purchase the new shirts at many outlets including the Athletics Store at games,, the University Shop,, and other sales centers during special campus promotions.

Villanova has experienced a great deal of success with its original two-sided, reversible fan t-shirt. The new shirt will be more appealing as it can be worn not just at Athletic events. The new color scheme of the Nova Nation logo also makes the shirt more legible. This August, all incoming freshmen and transfers received the shirts as part of their orientation package to kick off this new tradition.

Community is a core value at Villanova University, which was founded in 1842 by the Augustinian Order of Catholic Priests. Within the University seal are the Latin words "Veritas, Unitas, Caritas," with "Unitas" standing for unity. The goal is to unite Villanova Fans, Students, and Alumni through this unique Villanova t-shirt program. "Just Wear It!"

Nova Nation