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Ticket Distribution


Villanova Athletics has paired with SGA to create a new Nova Athletics Student Tickets App. This will be the exclusive home of all things related to student tickets for Villanova Athletics events. Villanova full-time undergraduate students will be able to register for lottery sets and track their points beginning with men's basketball this season.

The new app is live in all app stores and is called Nova Athletics Student Tickets. All students should download the new app and log in using their Villanova login.

Selling lottery received student tickets is strictly prohibited. This includes physically selling a ticket in return for any type of payment, as well as having intent to sell a ticket, such as posting an advertisement online. If a student is found either selling or having intent to sell their lottery received ticket, this student will be removed from the lottery system for the remainder of the season, thus not being considered for either the Big East Tournament or the NCAA Tournament. Additionally, further disciplinary action can be taken if deemed necessary by the appropriate representatives of SGA as well as the Director of Student Involvement.


1. What are these points used for?

These points will primarily be used to lottery men's basketball tickets. Unless otherwise stated, you may attend all women's basketball, football, and men's lacrosse games by showing your wildcard upon entry. All other sports are free entry for the public and students.

2. How are points calculated?

Every student will start the season with a weight of 200 points, regardless of year. 100 points are automatically awarded for being eligible for the lottery and 100 points are awarded for downloading the app.

Your chances of winning will change throughout the year based on the below factors:

  • Winning a lottery and attending the game
  • Entering a lottery and not winning
  • Winning a lottery and not attending the game

Unless otherwise noted, the breakdown in point changes for each game are:

  • Winning lottery and attending: +30 points
  • Winning lottery AND attending at least 30 minutes prior to tip-off: +40 points
  • Entering lottery and not winning: +30 points
  • Winning lottery and not attending: - 40 points
  • Winning lottery and transferring/cancelling ticket: 0 points
  • Not entering the lottery: 0 points
  • Failure to attend 3 games when awarded a ticket will result in removal from ALL future lottery sets for the season

3. Will there be any opportunities to earn points besides men's basketball games?

Yes, there will be opportunities to earn bonus points by attending select women's basketball games throughout the season. These will be communicated to all students via email.

4. What should I do if I win tickets to a game, but can no longer attend?

If you win a ticket and can no longer attend, you have two options:

  • You may transfer the ticket to a friend through the app. Please note that the transfer must be accepted by the recipient.
  • You may cancel your ticket which goes to the next student on the waitlist.
You may do either of these options until the end of the transfer/cancel period. The transfer/cancel deadline will typically be 24 hours prior to tip-off, but please make sure you check the app as this may change on occasion. If you transfer or cancel, you will neither gain nor lose points. However, if you keep your ticket and do not attend, you will lose 40 points.

5. When will my point total be updated after each game?

Points will typically be updated within 48 hours after each game. If you believe your point total is incorrect, please email with how many points you believe you are missing and from what game(s).

6. What is the Leaderboard?

These are the top 100 students ranked based on points accumulated. These students are not guaranteed to win tickets to any game.

7. Does my class year affect my chances of winning tickets?

Only full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the student ticket lottery. There is no preferential treatment of weights based on the year of a student. The system is designed to reward students who attend and try to attend games.

8. How will I receive tickets if I win?

Unless otherwise noted, all tickets will be mobile and sent via email by noon on game day. Please check your spam folder for tickets you do not receive. You can alleviate this by adding to your safe sender list.

9. Do I have to check in with my location on the app?

No. At this time, points will be awarded based on when your game ticket is scanned. Please note that points may not be automatically updated and may take 48 hours.

10. How can I make sure I am able to sit with my friends at games?

All lower bowl student seats at Wells Fargo Center are now general admission. There will no longer be north and south sides. However, please note that as sections are filled, you may be directed to another student section. All student section options will be noted on your mobile ticket.

11. Will there be buses provided for any games?

Yes, for $5-10 roundtrip (depending upon the game), you can take a bus to any Wells Fargo Center or PPL Center game! All bus sign-ups will be facilitated through

12. How can I make sure I have the most up to date news?

Allow push notifications on the app! We will be using push notifications to share important updates and reminders on deadlines.

13. What should I do if I have trouble accessing my mobile ticket on game day?

If you have any issues accessing your men's basketball Wells Fargo Center student ticket, you may go to the student ticket window at the Broad Street Box Office at the Wells Fargo Center for assistance. It is highly recommended that you download your ticket in advance and screenshot it in order to avoid connectivity issues.

14. Who should I email if I have questions?

Please email with any questions you have throughout the season.