Renewals for the wait list program will be sent out in early June.
New members may add their name to the wait list after that time.

Wait List Program FAQ's

Does my donation carry over each year?
No. Donations are not cumulative. Participation will be required each season for those who wish to remain active on the wait list.

Will there be an increase to the donation requirement each year?
We are committed to keep the donation price at $50 through the 2015-16 season.

What will the Men's Basketball Wait List Program be used for?
Funds secured through the Men's Basketball Wait List Program will be used to support the 24 varsity sports and approximately 550 student-athletes at Villanova University.

How many people get taken off the wait list each year?
The number of people taken off the wait list each year depends on the season ticket holder renewal rates. Even with extremely high renewal rates, we have been able to offer season tickets to people on the wait list on a yearly basis.

Is the donation tax deductible?
Yes, to the extent of the law.

What benefits are associated with the Men's Basketball Wait List policy?
Early sales notification for Wells Fargo game packages, open practice invite, access to unclaimed tickets during the Winter Break games, and notice of visiting team ticket returns are the benefits of being a member of the Wait List program.

Does this donation count toward the Postseason Ticket Program?
Funds applied to the Wait List Program do not qualify towards the Postseason Ticket Program.

What happens if I choose not to accept the tickets being offered once my name is called on the wait list?
You will have the opportunity to retain your spot for the following year as long as you pay the fee during the renewal period. If you decline tickets the following year, you will be moved to the bottom of the list.

May I transfer my spot on the wait list to another individual?
No. The wait list position is non-transferable.

How many tickets will I be offered once tickets become available?
Due to limited ticket availability, you will be offered two tickets.

How can I find out what number I am on the wait list?
Your wait list position will be provided during the renewal process each year.

When does the billing cycle for the Wait List Program begin?
Each year the renewals for the Wait List Program will be sent out at the beginning of June.

What if I already donate to the Villanova Athletic Fund? Does this exempt me from the Wait List Program?
No, you will be required to pay the minimum donation of $50 to participate in the Wait List Program.

Will I retain my current spot on the wait list?
You will either retain your spot or improve your position depending on participation of those individuals ahead of you on the wait list.

Where will the seats be located for people coming off of the wait list?
Seats will be located in the upper levels of the Pavilion.

What is the anticipated wait time before I am offered tickets?
Wait times vary depending on your wait list position and the percentage of season ticket renewals the ticket office receives.

Who should I contact if I have further questions or if I need additional information?
For additional questions and information, you may contact the Athletic Ticket Office at 610-519-4100.

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