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Villanova Splits final day at the Claremont Convergence
March 3, 2018

CLAREMONT, Calif- The Villanova water polo team (1-8 overall, 0-0 MAAC) wrapped up play at the Claremont Convergence on Saturday as they defeated La Verne 11-9 to earn their first victory of the season and lost in the second game to Cal-Baptist 11-7. The team continues it California trip on Monday as the team faces Whitter at 10:00 p.m.

Villanova vs. La Verne

La Verne started the first quarter with two quick goals to take an early 2-0 lead with 6:24 left in the quarter. Twenty seconds later, Dominique Clark would put the Wildcats on the board to decrease the La Verne lead to one. Just thirty seconds later, Clark would strike again to tie the game up at two with 5:28 remaining in the first. But La Verne would come back to tack on two more goals before the end of the quarter which made the score after one 4-2.

In the second, Villanova would come into the quarter with an early goal scored by Sara Lynn Able to close the La Verne lead to just 4-3. Fifteen seconds later, Malia Gacutan would tie the game up with a strong goal with just 4:19 remaining in the half.  Villanova would be the only team to score in the rest of the quarter as they tacked on three more goals, one scored by Kate Stenmoen, and two scored by Lizzie Louwers respectively. Villanova would close the half with the lead 7-4.

The third quarter began with two more goals scored by Dominique Clark to add to her total of four for the day as the Wildcats increased their lead to 9-4. La Verne would only be able to score one goal before the quarter closed to shrink the Villanova lead to 9-5.



In the fourth, La Verne would begin the quarter with an early goal scored by Emily Mena to cut the Wildcat lead to 9-6. But Dominique Clark would take the goal right back as she scored courtesy of an assist by Katy Gauvin which made the score 10-5. Clark would finish the day with a total of five goals. To close the game LA Verne would be able to score four more goals in the quarter to cut the lead but not before Charlotte Curran answered with a goal to make the final score 11-9. Villanova earns their first win of the season while La Verne drops to 0-4 on the year.

Villanova vs. Cal-Baptist

Cal-Baptist jumped out to an early 2-0 lead with 7:16 remaining in the first quarter as both goals were scored by Kira O’Donnell. Then with 3:24 left in the quarter, Cal-Baptist would add to their lead to give the Lancers a 3-0 lead. Then with 2:06 left in the quarter Katie French would put the Wildcats on the board with a goal to cut the Lancer lead to 3-1. Villanova would score the final goal of the quarter courtesy of a goal by freshman Kate Murray to make the score at the end of one 3-2.

The Lancers would kick off the second quarter with a goal to increase the lead to 4-2 with 7:42 left in the quarter. Strong defense by both sides would halt the goal scoring in the quarter until their was only three minutes left in the half as Cal-Baptist scored to give the Lancers a 5-2 lead. Villanova would answer back with a goal as Lizzie Louwers scored a goal with 2:54 left in the half to cut the Lancer lead to 5-3. Then Dominique Clark would follow with a goal to put the Wildcats only trailing by one goal.

In the third, Cal-Baptist would score the first goal of the quarter to give the Lancers a 6-4 lead. While many shots were taken by both sides, strong defense by both teams goalies would halt the scoring in the quarter which left the score remaining 6-4 in favor of Cal-Baptist.

In the fourth, Cal-Baptist would strike first with a goal to make the Lancer lead 8-4 with 7:29 left in the final quarter. Then with 5:30 left in the game, Sara Lynn Abele would score for the Wildcats to cut the lead down to three. After a Lancer goal soon after the Abele goal, Dominique Clark would add another goal to the Wildcats total to make the score 9-6 with 4:08 to go in the game. Kate Stenmoen would also add to the Villanova goal total to make the score with 3:34 left 10-7. Cal- Baptist would tack on one more goal to close the game to make the final score 11-7. Villanova drops to 1-8 while Cal-Baptist improves to 9-9 on the year.

Villanova returns to the pool on Monday as the face Whittier at 10:00 p.m.