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Post-Race Quotes: Women's 1500 Meters

June 14, 2014

Recap |  Notes

Villanova senior Emily Lipari...

On today's race: You have to expect the unexpected with these types of races and you really can't predict how they are going to go. It was a bit of a mess out there as everybody saw. There was a lot of pushing and shoving but at this level that's kind of what you have to expect. Unfortunately I god boxed in and by the time I released myself and could go it was too late. That's what happens but it was still a great 2013-14 and I can still come away pretty happy. It would have been nice to walk away with the win as well but I can't be too disappointed with what's happened this year. When you are on the podium and not exactly happy with it I guess you could call that a successful year.

On her finish in the race: It is hard. It would have been a lot easier to walk away with if I wasn't having a good day or if I felt completely off but I felt like I had it today. Unfortunately I let myself get pushed too far back and it's just really hard to not quite make it. I know I have a lot more in me than what I showed today so it's kind of hard to walk away with that. I want to say congratulations to Shelby [Houlihan] also. She ran a really great race and she deserved to walk away with that. She was smart. Maybe I will get in a race like this again and have a chance to fix my mistakes from today. I am looking forward to what's next.

On what is next for her: I don't know for sure what will be next. I will be going home and see what opportunities will be there for me. I am ready for a Long Island summer. Going to the [USA Championships] is probably a thought. I don't have a time for that yet and we might or might not try to do something there. We have put a lot of emphasis on this meet so I had really been focusing on that.