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Wildcats Capture 30th Penn Relays Title in Program History

April 26, 2012

Recap |  Notes


Gina Procaccio...

On the team's 30th all-time Championship of America win: It is extremely exciting to bring home this win. I am blown away by our first three legs of the race. Emily, Christie and Nicky all stepped up and did a great job. I am incredibly proud of them and I was very confident that Sheila could finish off the win because we had run so great through the entire race.

On what she was thinking while watching the race: I was pretty confident when Sheila got the baton that we could get it done. I was looking at the splits of the first three legs and I was thinking it was really exciting because they were all getting the job done. They were doing it. The splits from the first three legs were just phenomenal.

Sheila Reid...

On the first three legs of the race: A lot of things have to go right in order to win a Penn Relays title but there was no luck involved tonight. These three girls sitting here next to me ran the best race of their lives and put me in perfect position so that I could just do my job.

On whether Villanova takes a businesslike approach to the Penn Relays: In some ways we might treat our preparation for the Penn Relays in a businesslike manner but that is not how any of really feel. There is so much emotion involved with the Penn Relays, especially being here with Villanova. When you get to the final backstretch and you can hear the `Go Nova' chant from the crowd the emotion definitely gets the best of you. I couldn't help myself but to smile at the finish line when I knew I had the race in hand.

On whether she felt pressure to win at Penn: I think to some extend there is pressure we put on ourselves to win at Penn every year. This year was the last chance to race in this particular setting with these girls in a Villanova uniform. I was aware of that.



Emily Lipari...

On the emotions of today's race: Once I step on that line I would do anything and everything for these girls, especially with it being the last year that Sheila and Christie will race for Villanova at the Penn Relays. I wanted to send them out with a bang.

On what it feels like to win a Penn Relays title for Villanova: There is such a rush of emotions. To feel the way that we do right now is a once in a lifetime experience. The feeling that I have is just remarkable.

On Sheila Reid: I am so honored to have Sheila on the team. She is the type of person that you want to work hard for and all the hype about her is justified. Everyone sees what she can do on the track but we are the ones who get to see her every day and who know what she is like off the track.

On Villanova being even with Tennessee when Sheila got the baton for the anchor leg: Sheila is a racer. We wanted just let to let her race and run to her strength. I was comfortable going into the race and I felt good.

Nicky Akande...

On her mindset when she took the baton for the third leg with Villanova trailing by two seconds: I wasn't thinking anything other than getting Sheila into position to win it. I felt pretty good when I gave her the baton and I knew it was within reach for us to get it done.

On the team effort that won the race: We accomplished this together but we couldn't have done it without Sheila, not just on the day of the race but her positive attitude every day in practice is what makes us able to do this as a team.

Christie Verdier...

On winning the DMR title: This is my first victory lap at Penn and I am so happy to be able to do it with these ladies sitting here with me. I could not have asked for anything better.