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Inside the Dugout with Lauren Hanna
Dec. 4, 2017

Lauren Hanna

What’s up Nova Nation!!! My name is Lauren Hanna and I’m a Junior catcher majoring in Communication and looking forward to achieving my minor in business this summer through the SBI program. We are fresh off of Thanksgiving break feeling rejuvenated for the rough few weeks we have ahead with finals coming up. It was so great seeing my family at our new home in Arizona, especially when it was 80 degrees every day!

It’s official, our individual season has just ended giving us plenty of time to focus on our upcoming tests and final homework assignments. I personally love individual season because it’s a great time for us to focus on our mechanics while also getting stronger and faster during our rigorous conditioning and lift schedule. Luckily for us, the weight room will continue to be open throughout the month for us to blow off some steam when we’ve been cooped up studying for days at a time. I’m also definitely going to take advantage of the activities the school offers to relieve some stress during finals time, namely the dog petting session that will be held in the library for students to come in and meet some cute doggies.

Aside from looking forward to going home for Christmas and helping my mom move from California and looking for new houses in Idaho, our team holds a Christmas party every year at Coach Maria’s house. We play games, exchange Secret Santa gifts, and eat some really amazing food (specifically Coach Maria’s homemade brownies which I can’t wait to get my hands on). This year we’ll be wearing ugly sweaters so be prepared for plenty of pictures of us on Instagram and Twitter wearing our beautiful ugly sweaters.

So aside from the stress of finals and worrying about our GPAs, the best part about being apart of this softball team is to have 20 other girls to lean on in order to get a few great laughs in. We always preach about how we aren’t just a team, but a family. I can’t wait to spend the holidays with my family at school and at home, so this is without a doubt my favorite time of the year.

Once we come back we will hit the ground running in preparation for our first games in Florida, so I can’t wait to see you all there cheering us on as we rack up some wins! This is our year to win big, so be prepared for a lot of fun and competition going forward! Thank you for joining me here today, and as always, GO CATS!!!