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Inside the Dugout with fifth year senior Natalia Segovia
Nov. 6, 2017

Natalia Segovia

HEY WILDCAT FANS!! It's your fifth year senior here, Natalia Segovia. I love getting an opportunity to blog and give you behind the scenes details about how the team is doing and the life of a fifth year student-athlete! Let me tell you that it has been the greatest decision I've made in my four years here at Villanova.

When Coach Maria and staff afforded me the opportunity to return and finish my collegiate career at Villanova I was a little apprehensive as I had just finished four years of a tough academic and athletic schedule. I remember catching myself sitting at home after graduation and reflecting on those four years, and that's when I realized what a great opportunity I had been given. I knew immediately there was no other place I would rather be then alongside my CRAZY GIRLS playing the game I love and representing this incredible university.

So here I am a fifth year senior, adding another major--Communication with a specialization in public relations. I am also interning for Villanova Athletics' Media Relations team on campus. I work for the Associate Athletic Director, Dean Kenefick, and Women's Basketball. My job is to do research on other universities that are on our schedule for our women's team this season. I truly enjoy working for Mr. Kenefick and Villanova Athletics. My time interning for media relations has only solidified my dream to work in Media Relations/ Marketing in the MLB.

But enough about me. I bet you are all just as anxious as I am to see your favorite softball team out there on that beautiful diamond set right off of Lancaster. As of right now, we are in our "Individual" phase of our season. Rest assure we are working hard, getting stronger and faster. Individuals are where we separate the team into groups and receive some one-on-one guidance from the coaches in addition to getting more reps in the cages. This is the time we get to specifically work on our personal game and dedicate time to polish our complete game.

This is also the time where the pitchers can focus on their pitches with Coach Maria. Usually the entire team including our AWESOME manager D'ante rotates in to catch bullpens for our hardworking pitchers. Personally, I am a huge fan of individual practices because of the cage time we get. Since in this game it's all about how you hit, right? I am firm believer of that method because I was once told way back when, that when a coach asks you "what position do you play?". You always answer with "I hit coach!"

So there you have it! Villanova Softball and the life of a fifth year senior. I am most excited to get the girls back on some Florida dirt to kick off the season in Madera Beach. 103 days in counting!! Can't wait to meet all of our freshman families, join familiar faces, bar-b-que and most of all get dirty on the field! So put it on your schedules and track us through our journey to the Big East tournament!!