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Villanova/Virginia Commonwealth Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 2, 2007

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova 3, Virginia Commonwealth 0
Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Ann Clifton...

On the aggressiveness of the offense in the second half
In the first half the game was more possession oriented. In the second half we started to open up a little bit more and play to our width to open the game up. Doing that allowed the midfielders to get higher on offense and that made a huge difference for us. It started with Justine Wollner getting some touches and playing some balls behind the defense to give us some opportunities.

On Kayce Blandford
Kayce is a very special player for us. She was our leader in the first half today when we were struggling a little bit and she served the ball in on a corner kick that led to Kelly's goal. Kayce plays the game at such an elite level and she has a great soccer mind. She is a prototypical right back and I think she could play at the next level if given that opportunity.

On forwards Rachel Schuyler and Erin Byrnes
Rachel will become very special for us up top. She presents a different dynamic to our front line because she is so active and so fast and can fire shots from anywhere. She has an incredibly long strike but can run at you too. She is learning our system and to play within herself and is doing a great job. Erin has come off the bench for us in the first two games. That isn't necessarily the plan but that is how it has worked out and she has been excellent. Erin is continuing to work on going forward at players and today she did a great job of that to loosen up the back line.

Senior defender Kayce Blandford...



On taking the team's corner kicks and being able to bring the ball up into the attack
In a game once I get a couple of corner kicks under my belt they come a little bit easier and get better after that. The coaches give me the freedom to bring the ball up from the center midfield. I love being able to push the ball up and then become part of the attack.

On the goal she scored in today's game
Erin sent a ball back to me and I saw that nobody pressured me at all because I was pretty far out. The runners were already in at that point and from a distance I just wanted to get something on it.

On playing the right back position
It is a position that you don't always notice right away because it isn't in the center of the field but it is a position where you need to do a lot of little things to put everything together for the team. It isn't the most glamorous position and it is hard work but if you play the position right it holds the team together on the field.