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Rowing Reveals New ERG Training Room
Aug. 30, 2017

VILLANOVA, Pa. – Today, the Villanova women’s rowing team announced the reveal of their brand new ERG training room. This training room is fully equipped with brand new rowing machines to go along with a team action shot and the team’s motto of “Together We Are Even Stronger” in clean print above. Coach Carissa Adams had this to say about the new training room, “from a performance standpoint, I think its epic. To the common person it might just be a cool room, but to our team, it is going to be huge for the mentality of the program.” She also stressed the teams’ four principles that are written clear to see on the wall: positive attitude, be present, make their day and have fun. Adams stated, “they’re going to walk in and see the four principles on the wall, and can turn around and be reminded that they are Villanova rowing.”