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Wildcats Take on Drexel and La Salle on the Schuylkill River
The Wildcats finished runner-up in four races against Drexel and La Salle.

March 15, 2014

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - With strong head winds on the 2000 meter Schuylkill River, the Villanova rowing team returned to action Saturday against Drexel and La Salle.

In the Varsity 4B race, the Wildcats smoked the Explorers and the Dragons with a time of 9:10.64, the best mark by 16 plus seconds.

Villanova finished second in the Varsity 8 contest with a time of 7:28.1, shy of Drexel by 15 seconds.

In the second Varsity 8 contest, the Wildcats earned runner-up behind the Dragons with an 8:05.4 mark.

At the other three duels, the crew team would finish in second place behind Drexel.

The Wildcats will return to the water next Saturday against Rutgers in New Brunswick, N.J.

Below is a look at the complete results of Saturday's race:

Varsity 8 Time
1. Drexel 7:13.2
2. Villanova 7:28.1
3. La Salle 7:31.8

2nd Varsity 8 Time
1. Drexel 7:40.72
2. Villanova 8:05.4
3. La Salle 8:21.26

Varsity 4 Time
1. Drexel 8:27.84
2. Villanova 8:43.28
3. La Salle 9:54.16

Varsity 4B Time
1. Villanova 9:10.64
2. La Salle 9:26.4
3. Drexel 10:41.64

Frosh/Novice 8 Time
1. Drexel 7:52.9
2. Villanova 8:01.6