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Postgame Quotes

March 21, 2004

Recap |  Final Stats

Villanova Head Coach Harry Perretta
Opening Statement:
"We fought fiercely. The key to the game today was the ability to slow the second half and execute our offense. We have a lot of young players and at the end of the game, we had three sophomores on the floor. When we are executing well, we look good. We knew coming into the game that we had to beat Ole Miss by passing the ball. We gained a big enough lead to hold on the end."

On the team performance in the game:
"We tried to get the taste of the game slowed and we knew we had to absorb the team's run. We practived slowing the pace down, we executed it, and we took the lead. It was an adjustment on us on getting in control. They really made some tough shots."

On Villanova bench and starters:
"There is good and bad on our roster. The good is we have a lot of players are good at scoring. The bad is we have a lot of inconsistency. We won 22 games and that was because our bench players took over when our starters couldn't. This game, the bench controlled the first half and in the second, the starters took it back. This team has to win collectively."

On the next round of the NCAA Tournament:
"We expect every game to be different. We just have to take one game at a time. I just watch how they play and worry about them tomorrow."

Villanova Freshman Forward Jackie Adamshick
On her performance in the NCAA Tournament:
"The first half of the game I was just trying to play the flow of the game. I made a few mistakes, but I found myself open a lot more and was able to knock down some shots. In the first half, my first few shots I was tense but then I was able to relax and just play. I tried to hang in there and take care of the ball."

Villanova Junior Guard Jennifer Hilgenberg
On winning against Ole Miss:
"We are very excited. Our goal was to get here and we knew Ole Miss would be hard to beat. We are ready to move on and really excited."



On the last play of the game:
"We practice those situations every day. We knew not to let her get a clean shot, we knew not to foul and to just keep from letting them get a clear shot. That was a tough basket and it would have been a great shot if she would have made it."

Ole Miss Head Coach Carol Ross
Opening Statement:
"If we had won, I don't think that I could be any prouder of our club. I thought it was a good mix of two teams trying to impose their style on the other. Villanova's bench really came up big. I wish I could coach this same team over and over again because it's been such a pleasure."

On tempo of the game:
"I knew it was going to be a wrestling match of tempo and style of play. Villanova is very confident and comfortable shooting the ball. They were excellent at passing and moving the ball."

On calling a timeout late in the game:
"We were down by more than one basket with a little over a minute left. I wanted to make sure that we were organized and that we had enough players on the floor to score and play defense."

On getting to the NCAA and the team:
"This team is really special. I love this team and have enjoyed how they represent the Ole Miss uniform. We're not the most talented, but we played with passion. They always looked at the positives. This senior class has elevated expectations for future years to come."

Ole Miss Senior Forward Tywanna Inmon
On the team's performance:
"We all played together; we played aggressive and attacked."

On Villanova:
"We tried to apply pressure as best we could, Villanova is a good ball club, they handled it (the pressure) with poise."

On the final seconds:
"We all felt good with the ball in Carletta's hands, she's hit that shot before in games and practice."

"We fought back...I was satisfied with how we played but not the outcome."

On the chance to play in the NCAA:
"Awesome. The entire atmosphere was great, the team's excitement and to get the program here was great."

Ole Miss Junior Forward/Center Amber Watts
On her performance:
"After the game the team told me 'good game' but I felt like I didn't do good enough to get us to the second round."

On Villanova's defense:
"They double teamed and triple teamed, then switched to one on one which helped me out."