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Article I. Purpose
Statement of Purpose:

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee shall act as a liaison between the Villanova University Athletic Administration and the Student-Athlete body. It encourages unity and communication between teams, athletes, faculty, and the entire Villanova community.

Article II. Officers and Members
Officers shall be nominated and elected by the committee for one-year terms. Elections shall be held at the second to last meeting of the spring semester. Responsibilities of the elected begin upon election and continue until the following election. The following officers shall be elected each year:

  1. Co-Chairs: Shall serve as the spokespeople for the committee. Responsibilities include organizing facilitating meetings, frequent meetings with SAAC Advisor(s), and other duties as assigned. Co-Chairs shall consist of one female and one male representative.
  2. Secretary: Responsibilities include careful notation of minutes, including attendance. In addition, it be the secretary's responsibility to maintain and update the SAAC website/Social Media sites as necessary.
  3. Member Responsibilities: Responsibilities: It is the responsibility of representatives to present and discuss information their teams, inform their teammates of events to increase support and participation, and serve on the committee as a voice of the needs of each representatives given team. As a SAAC representative you are to represent yourself, team, coach, and the athletic department in a way that reflects positively on the aforementioned groups you are representing. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Proper attendance and participation at meetings
    2. Participation in SAAC initiatives and events
    3. Active communication
    4. Remain in good academic and conduct standing

Article III. Meetings

  1. The committee shall meet at least once a month or as necessary. Meetings are open to all who would like to attend.
  2. One representative per sport must be present at each meeting.
  3. Each team representative is allowed to miss meetings for reasons deemed excusable as to be determined by the SAAC Advisor(s) and Co-Chairs, which can include, but is not limited to, athletic completion related travel, and illness.
    1. Should a meeting be missed for an impermissible reason, the representative of that team will be up for review by the committee and will receive a warning from the SAAC Advisor(s).
    2. The SAAC Co-Chairs, in consultation with the SAAC Advisor(s) will have final say in the decision to remove the representative from their seat.
    3. If the attendance of a representative is determined to be negligent, the respective coach and team shall be informed.
  4. The committee shall determine confidentiality of issues, with each representative being responsible for upholding the committee's decision.

SAAC Leadership Team

Max Beermann
Major: English
Chelsey Henderson
Women's Lacrosse
Major: Finance
Murphy Smith
Men's Swimming & Diving
Major: Biochemistry

2014-2015 SAAC Representatives

Max Beermann, Manny Morris

photo photo
Maggie Cacchione, Jocelyn Parker, Christine Bianchi

photo photo photo
Field Hockey:
Courtney Devine, Kristen Mericle

photo photo
Ricky Young, John Hinchen, Lincoln Collins, Don Cherry

photo photo photo photo
Will Byrne, Lucas Trim

photo photo
Men's Basketball:
Henry Lowe, Phil Booth

photo photo
Men's Lacrosse:
JP Campbell, Nick Tortoriello, Michael Waterfield

photo photo photo
Men's Soccer:
Sean Sheridan, Michael Manta

photo photo
Men's Swimming & Diving:
Murphy Smith, Ian Kleinsmith

photo photo
Men's Tennis:
Luis Miranda, Will Elmore

photo photo
Men's Track/Field/CC:
Kevin Corbusier, Rob Denault, James Deutmeyer, Patrick Tiernan

photo photo photo photo
Kiera McCloy, Caroline McCaughey, Briggs Morz

photo photo photo
Shea Palmer, Sierra McConnell

photo photo
Michelle Adams, Michaela Berendt

photo photo
Water Polo:
Julie Conrath, Katy Gauvin

photo photo
Women's Basketball:
Karlie Crispin, Jannah Tucker

photo photo
Women's Lacrosse:
MJ White, Chelsey Henderson, Julia Michaels

photo photo photo
Women's Soccer:
Emily Kuefler, Callie Duliba

photo photo
Women's Swimming & Diving:
Heather Farley, Emily Mayo

photo photo
Women's Tennis:
Aphrah Brokaw, Connor Brewer, Linley Busby

photo photo photo
Women's Track/Field/CC:
Anne Yahiro, Kristen Erickson, Caitlin Bungo, Virginia LaMacchia

photo photo photo photo