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Post-Race Quotes: Men's 1500 Meters

June 14, 2014

Recap |  Notes

Villanova sophomore Jordy Williamsz...

On the race: I was just trying to hang on towards the end. It was quick but I think I am more used to a faster pace than a lot of the guys I race against because I have been there a few times. I was just hanging on, hanging on. I got shuffled back a little bit, maybe back to like seventh or eighth place. At the bell I was making my move and I probably should have held my ground better than I did but that's racing, it happens. I just tried to stay as composed as I could and make a big effort at the end, which is what I did. I picked off two to three people down the stretch. That is good but I would have liked to hang on to my spot because the last lap would have been very interesting.

On being boxed in towards the end of the race: I was looking for a way out and I was a little stuck but I'm sure all the great guys have been boxed in once in their life. It's not the end of the world. My mom always used to say [to me] that a spot will always open up. It did, but probably a little later than I would have liked. I got free and had a good run to the finish and that was the most important thing.

On being patient when he got boxed in: I think it is ingrained into the way I operate out there. I just try to be patient and know that something will open up and it did. These races need to go just about perfectly. It wasn't quite perfect but my goal was to make the final. I did and got fifth so it was good.

On the pace of the race staring out somewhat slowly: It was fast enough. My goal would probably be to race at 3:41-3:42. Any faster is probably suited to guys like Lawi Lalang and Mac Fleet. Any slower and I can close in :53 but anyone could do that. It isn't really that special.

On being in third place soon after the start of the race: I was feeling really good and I executed perfectly early on. [Villanova head coach] Marcus [O'Sullivan] told me to get out with one or two people in front of me. I did that and Lawi Lalang and Mac Fleet were in front and I knew they would be fighting for the win. I executed very well. There can always be ifs or buts but not really in this case. I am really happy with how it went.



On his 2013-14 season: I am very happy with how this race went and with the season. I am still learning a lot. It is my second year and it was good so I am very happy with it. I am right where I want to be at this point. We'll come back next year and have another go at it.

On what is next for him: I will go to Europe for a little bit. I am going to go to Ireland and have a greally good 800 meters race lined up. Hopefully I can run 1:46 or quicker. I had a good run [in the 4x800 meter relay] in the Bahamas before NCAAs so it will be good to get some fast 800's in Europe and just see how it goes.

Villanova head coach Marcus O'Sullivan...

On Williamsz finish in the 1500 meters: He gave up his position at the start of the bell lap and that cost him a third place finish. This is still a big improvement from not making the [NCAA Championships] last year.

On Williamsz making a move with 250 meters to go: He did make a push there at the end but in terms of getting back into the top three he was too far back and had too much work to do. This is still a good finish for him.