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Men's Track BIG EAST Championship Quotes

Feb. 22, 2014

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Villanova head coach Marcus O'Sullivan...

On winning the team title: It was exciting to watch. We had not been in this position before or had this type of experience with this particular group of guys. This experience gives a whole new dimension to this group. It had been a really good day overall for us and I have to say it all ended pretty well.

On the type of team-wide effort it took to win the title: It was so much fun to watch the team come together to help each other. Each guy knew they had to score in order for us to win it. Good things were happening for us all day and it just had the flavor that everyone wanted to do their very best to make sure that we wouldn't come up a few points short.

On the final team scores: In the end we were ahead by quite a bit but there was a point with five events left where we were only ahead of Georgetown by eight points (152-144). We had the high jump, the 3000 meters and the relays left. It was really too close for comfort at that point. Every single point we got was of great value towards us winning it.

On how the championships played out: Going in I knew that we had an edge. I was cognizant of that but when the events are going on you never quite know what else is going to happen. This weekend we had some kids that were sick and they still came out today and ran. There were so many things going on behind the scenes. We lost points in some places but we gained them in other places. The guys had built up so much momentum coming into the final day and they never let up.

On the spirit of the Villanova team: I saw our entire team unified this weekend more than ever before. It didn't matter what discipline their event was. The great thing for me is that all the different parts of the team realized how significant everyone was to each other. That makes such a difference in terms of the guys competing with so much intensity. I saw them racing for something more than just themselves or their respective groups. I saw them race with a much sharper focus and a sense of having 35 other guys relying on them.

On a championship like this being what the Villanova program is about: What I saw today was a team that was digging so much deeper and really everyone wanting to help and be a part of it. I told the guys as we were leaving that whether it is in track or in life this is what it's all about. It could be a project at work or a team of people working together. When you know that people are depending on you it gets you to do something that you never thought you could.

On the 1000 meters: That was a big win by [Josh] Lampron. Dusty came back after running hard yesterday. Charlie Bates put up a time of 2:25. Those were the kinds of performances that you just looked at with wonder and realized that something special was happening.

On specific individual performances: Ben Malone stepped up and got second in the 800. That was huge. Elbert Maxwell had a big win in the long jump yesterday and came back to get us points in the high jump. James Rowen came up big to get points in the shot put. Those were the kinds of big performances that made this very exciting.

On the distance events: Sam McEntee had a much better race today [in the 3000 meters] than he did yesterday. He made sure that we got 18 points from that 1-2 finish [with Patrick Tiernan] and Brian Basili got us four points there too. I kind of thought Jordy would be there in the Mile. Rob Denault was sick all night but he still came back and ran in the finals of the Mile. They were all great.