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Wildcats Capture Nine Singles Matches on First Day of Home Tournament
Michael Rosengren won his singles match on Friday in straight sets against an opponent from Chestnut Hill.

Sept. 14, 2012

VILLANOVA, Pa. - The first day of competition at the Villanova Invitational was a successful one for Villanova in its first action of the fall season, as the Wildcats won nine of the 11 singles matches they played at the West Campus Tennis Courts on Friday afternoon. Villanova advanced in the tournament bracket in three of its four doubles pairs in the "two-and-one" format.

The tournament began with eight doubles matches which were followed by the doubles competitors facing their opponents from the other team in singles matches. The team that won at least two of the three matches advanced in the main draw of the tournament, while the losing team moved to the back draw.

In two of their pairings the Wildcats swept three matches from Chestnut Hill to move on the main draw. Sophomores Michael Rosengren (Sharon, Mass.) and Tim Abbracciamento (Robbinsville, N.J.) scored an 8-6 win over Kevin Taylor and Anthony Moore in doubles play and then each won their singles matches in straight sets. Rosengren beat Taylor (6-2, 6-1) and Abbracciamento held off Moore by scores of 6-4, 7-6 (2).

Junior Thomas O'Brien (Guilford, Conn.) and sophomore Kelly Donaldson (Broomfield, Colo.) teamed up for a decisive 8-3 win in doubles over Jeramy Solema and Patrick Villafuerte Joson of Chestnut Hill. O'Brien beat Solema by identical scores of 6-1 and 6-1 and Donaldson knocked off Villafuerte Joson by scores of 6-0 and 6-2.

Villanova also scored a 2-1 win over Franklin & Marshall with strong play from freshman Chris Seitz (Pennington, N.J.) and junior Ryan Peyton (Newport Beach, Calif.). The pair was defeated by Nolan Bacchieri and Doug Kaplan in the doubles match by a narrow 9-7 score. In singles play however, Seitz and Peyton were both victorious in straight sets. Seitz defeated Bacchieri (7-5, 6-3) and Peyton beat Kaplan by nearly the same count (7-5, 6-2).



The only loss for the Wildcats was a close one in another 2-1 decision against Franklin & Marshall. Sophomore Mark Miller (Englewood, Colo.) and freshman Max Levine (Lubbock, Texas) suffered an 8-3 loss in doubles to Ross Silverberg and William MacArthur, while Silverberg clinched the match with a 6-4, 6-3 win over Miller in singles. Levine went to a tiebreaker to hold off MacArthur in his first collegiate singles match and came away with a hard-fought 6-3, 6-7 (5), 10-8 win.

In addition to the tournament bracket there is also round-robin play featuring two doubles pairs from Villanova and one doubles pair from Chestnut Hill. Senior Kyle Grandin (Round Rock, Texas) and sophomore Chris Cua (Wellesley, Mass.) were victorious by an 8-0 count over Sim Heeren and Stephan Wolfert in doubles play. Grandin scored a 6-2, 6-0 win over Heeren in their singles match and Cua blanked Wolfert in straight sets (6-0, 6-0).

Grandin and Cua will have a bye on Saturday in the second bracket while senior Andrew Adler (Sarasota, Fla.) and sophomore Joseph Monaldo (Overland Park, Kan.) play matches against Heeren and Wolfert.

The main draw and back draw of the tournament bracket also gets going on Saturday. A full set of results from the action on Friday and the match schedule for Saturday can be found below.


Match #1 - Monmouth 2, Franklin & Marshall 1

Freddy Marcinkowski/Ramy Bekhiet (M) defeated Geoffrey Brennan/Samuel Stone (FM), 8-5
Geoffrey Brennan (FM) vs. Freddy Marcinkowski (M) - Brennan (FM) wins by default
Ramy Bekhiet (M) defeated Samuel Stone (FM) 6-2, 6-0

Match #2 - Villanova 3, Chestnut Hill 0

Michael Rosengren/Tim Abbraciamento (V) defeated Kevin Taylor/Anthony Moore (CHC), 8-6
Michael Rosengren (V) defeated Kevin Taylor (CHC) 6-2, 6-1
Tim Abbracciamento (V) defeated Anthony Moore (CHC) 6-4, 7-6 (7-2)

Match #3 - Swarthmore 3, Chestnut Hill 0

Preston Poon/William Lennon (S) defeated Manuel Ceniceros/Sammy Atri (CHC), 9-7
Preston Poon (S) defeated Manuel Ceniceros (CHC) 6-2, 6-0
William Lennon (S) defeated Sammy Atri (CHC) 6-4, 6-2

Match #4 - Franklin & Marshall 2, Villanova 1

Ross Silverberg/William MacArthur (FM) defeated Mark Miller/Max Levine (V), 8-3
Ross Silverberg (FM) defeated Mark Miller (V) 6-4, 6-3
Max Levine (V) defeated William MacArthur (FM) 6-3, 6-7 (5-7), 10-8

Match #5 - Villanova 3, Chestnut Hill 0

Thomas O'Brien/Kelly Donaldson (V) defeated Jeramy Solema/Patrick Villafuerte Joson (CHC), 8-3
Thomas O'Brien (V) defeated Jeramy Solema (CHC) 6-1, 6-1
Kelly Donaldson (V) defeated Patrick Villafuerte Joson (CHC) 6-0, 6-2

Match #6 - Monmouth 3, Franklin & Marshall 0

Brant Switzler/Jason Prezant (M) defeated Alec Tunner/Hamza Pataudi (FM), 9-7
Brant Switzler (M) defeated Alec Tunner (FM) 6-4, 1-6, 6-1
Jason Prezant (M) defeated Hamza Pataudi (FM), 7-5, 6-1

Match #7 - Villanova 2, Franklin & Marshall 1

Nolan Bacchieri/Doug Kaplan (FM) defeated Chris Seitz/Ryan Peyton (V), 9-7
Chris Seitz (V) defeated Nolan Bacchieri (FM) 7-5, 6-3
Ryan Peyton (V) defeated Doug Kaplan (FM) 7-5, 6-2

Match #8 - Chestnut Hill 3, Monmouth 0

Mike Humes/Steven Say (CHC) defeated Matt Colonnese (V)/Eric Pierce (M), 8-2
Mike Humes (CHC) defeated Matt Colonnese (V) 6-1, 6-3
Steven Say (CHC) defeated Eric Pierce (M) 6-4, 6-1


Match #25 - Villanova 3, Chestnut Hill 0

Kyle Grandin/Chris Cua (V) defeated Sim Heeren/Stephan Wolfert (CHC), 8-0
Kyle Grandin (V) defeated Sim Heeren (CHC) 6-2, 6-0
Chris Cua (V) defeated Stephan Wolfert (CHC) 6-0, 6-0

Match #26 - Villanova (Bye)

Andrew Adler/Joseph Monaldo (V) had a bye



Match #1 - Villanova vs. Monmouth

Michael Rosengren/Tim Abbracciamento (V) vs. Freddy Marcinkowski/Ramy Bekheit (M)
Michael Rosengren (V) vs. Freddy Marcinkowski (M)
Tim Abbracciamento (V) vs. Ramy Bekheit (M)

Match #2 - Franklin & Marshall vs. Swarthmore

Ross Silverberg/William MacArthur (FM) vs. Preston Poon/William Lennon (S)
Ross Silverberg (FM) vs. Preston Poon (S)
William MacArthur (FM) vs. William Lennon (S)

Match #3 - Villanova vs. Monmouth

Thomas O'Brien/Kelly Donaldson (V) vs. Brant Switzler/Jason Prezant (M)
Thomas O'Brien (V) vs. Brant Switzler (M)
Kelly Donaldson (V) vs. Jason Prezant (M)

Match #4 - Villanova vs. Chestnut Hill

Chris Seitz/Ryan Peyton (V) vs. Mike Humes/Steven Say (CHC)
Chris Seitz (V) vs. Mike Humes (CHC)
Ryan Peyton (V) vs. Steven Say (CHC)


Match #5 - Chestnut Hill vs. Franklin & Marshall

Kevin Taylor/Anthony Moore (CHC) vs. Geoffrey Brennan/Samuel Stone (FM)
Kevin Taylor (CHC) vs. Geoffrey Brennan (FM)
Anthony Moore (CHC) vs. Samuel Stone (FM)

Match #6 - Villanova vs. Chestnut Hill

Mark Miller/Max Levine (V) vs. Manuel Ceniceros/Sammy Atri (CHC)
Mark Miller (V) vs. Manuel Ceniceros (CHC)
Max Levine (V) vs. Sammy Atri (CHC)

Match #7 - Chestnut Hill vs. Franklin & Marshall

Jeramy Solema/Patrick Villafuerte Joson (CHC) vs. Alec Tunner/Hazma Pataudi (FM)
Jeramy Solema (CHC) vs. Alec Tunner (FM)
Patrick Villafuerte Joson (CHC) vs. Hazma Pataudi (FM)

Match #8 - Franklin & Marshall vs. Monmouth

Nolan Bacchieri/Doug Kaplan (FM) vs. Matt Colonnese (V)/Eric Pierce (M)
Nolan Bacchieri (FM) vs. Matt Colonnese (V)
Doug Kaplan (FM) vs. Eric Pierce (M)


Match #25 - Villanova vs. Chestnut Hill

Andrew Adler/Joseph Monaldo (V) vs. Sim Heeren/Stephan Wolfert (CHC)
Andrew Adler (V) vs. Sim Heeren (CHC)
Joseph Monaldo (V) vs. Stephan Wolfert (CHC)

Match #26 - Villanova (Bye)

Kyle Grandin/Chris Cua (V) have a bye