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Men's Tennis Downs Seton Hall
March 31, 1998

VILLANOVA, PA-- In men's tennis action at the Villanova tennis Complex, the Villanova Wildcats defeated the Seton Hall Pirates, 5-1. With the win, Villanova improves to 11-4, while Seton Hall falls to 4-2.

After Rich Young was defeated in No. 1 singles, the Wildcats responded with five straight wins in singles play. Highlighting singles play for the Cats, was the performance of Mike Mock who downed John Macrina in No. 5 singles in straight sets (6-1, 6-0). Paul Moore also had a strong day for the Wildcats at No. 4 singles as he defeated Alfredo Aguilar by a count of 6-1, 6-1.

In doubles play, two of the matches were called due to darkness, while at No. 3, the Villanova tandem of Casey Simmons and Ramon Prats were credited with a default victory.

     No. 1  Davor Barisic (SH) def.  Rich Young (VU)          	        6-4, 7-6
     No. 2  Rob Campbell (VU) def.  Todd Green (SH)      		6-2, 7-6
     No. 3  Jay Kennedy (VU) def.  Mark Vanderelst (SH)  		6-1, 7-6
     No. 4  Paul Moore (VU) def.  Alfredo Aguilar (SH)   		6-1, 6-1
     No. 5  Mike Mock (VU) def.  John Macrina (SH)       		6-1, 6-0
     No. 6  Casey Simmons (VU)                 				default win

DOUBLES RESULTS: No. 1 Young/Kennedy (VU) vs. Green/Vanderelst (SH) Did Not Finish No. 2 Campbell/Moore (VU) vs. Barisic/Aguilar (SH) Did Not Finish No. 3 Simmons/Prats (VU) Default win