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Head Coach Mark Ferrante talks URI, Rivarly Game versus Delaware on CAA Teleconference
Nov. 13, 2017

Head Coach Mark Ferrante

On his impression’s of their loss to Rhode Island,

“Rhode Island played a very good game in all three phases. They had some big plays in the pass game and they blocked a punt. We still didn’t play consistently on offense. We struggled to establish a running game, even though we didn’t have that many attempts. Their offense was on the field for 10-plus minutes more than we were. We had two opportunities to get into the end zone, one being on the pass to our tight end where he was behind the defense and somehow got ‘tackled’ and we only came away with a field goal. The other was in the second half following the interception at midfield. We got all the way down to the one-yard line on the first play then got tackled for a loss and had a delay of game penalty and only got a field goal there too. That could have tied the game at 10-10. Overall, they played a more complete game than we did in all three phases and it showed on the score.”

On their struggles to score touchdowns the past couple weeks,

“When we watched the film with the team we really found that it was our execution and mistakes. I know we’ve had injuries but it’s not as much the players we’re putting on the field it’s the way we’ve executed our plays, or lack thereof. We had plays like dropped passes in the end zone and our quarterback getting stepped on by our center on the goal line. Its things like that, along with the penalties, that have been shooting ourselves in the foot.”

On the rivalry game coming up against Delaware and what he wants his team to get out of it,

“We want a victory against our rival opponent. We want to make sure we go in well prepared and play a good rivalry game against a team fighting for a playoff spot.”



On things that have surprised him his first season as a head coach,

“I don’t know if surprise is the right word since this is my 30th season at Villanova but I guess it’s just the different off the field things you have to deal with. Between the players, the alumni, administration, having to do the different press conferences and so on. From a football standpoint, it’s been a little frustrating because of our execution and all the different injuries but you can’t put the entire season on the injuries alone. If we executed at a more consistent level our record probably wouldn’t look the way it is.”

On how the injuries have affected their season the most,

“I think it has affected our consistency the most, especially on the offensive side. Losing your quarterback who’s a three-year starter, followed by your best receiver in Ryan Bell and one of your top two running backs in Matt Gudzak it’s a tough start there. You’re going to rotate some guys through at receiver throughout the course of the year and when we started the season at Lehigh we had six guys there that had been cut down to three for the majority of the year. On defense, we have still been real solid but losing Rob Rolle for the season and as of lately, Malik Reaves, who is just coming back from a hamstring injury, those are two key players. It’s been difficult on both sides of the ball but it’s tough to play consistent when you play three different quarterbacks throughout the course of a season.”

On Villanova being able to get the best of Delaware these past few seasons and what he expects for their matchup this weekend,

“I think it’s a typical rivalry game; you throw the records out the window when you play these types of games. It usually comes down to consistency and who can make a couple big plays throughout the game. There has been times where we have needed onside kicks to pull off wins in this rivalry, there is times where it took three blocked punts in one game to pull off the victory. It’s that type of rivalry game. I’m sure they’re going to come up here with a lot of emotion; they have a good defense and a good running game. It’s our job to stop the run and try and get points on the board offensively. Hopefully the rivalry, senior day and that trophy is enough to get our guys going emotionally to come out on Saturday and try and win it.”