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Head Coach Mark Ferrante talks Richmond, Rhode Island on CAA Teleconference
Nov. 6, 2017

Head Coach Mark Ferrante

On his impression’s of Saturday’s loss to Richmond,

“It was really frustrating from an offensive standpoint because we couldn’t get anything going. We had an opportunity early in the game after a 60-yard play where Kyle (McCloskey) scrambled and maybe would have been in the end zone if he held on to the ball but they recovered the fumble at the one-yard line and instead of going up 7-3 we gave the ball back to them. 8-0 at halftime we still had a chance but since we couldn’t generate anything offensively it kept our defense on the field too long. To Richmond’s credit, they held on to the ball, having it for about 11 more minutes than we did and running about 20 more plays than we did. They came into the game averaging 35 points a game and we held them to 22. Kyle Lauletta, the best passer in the league, averaged about 350 yards a game and he ended up with 260 against us. They moved the ball effectively and were able to establish a running game. Our defense is still playing well but if there was any frustration on that side of the ball I would say that (their run game) would be it.”

On their strategy to try and hold off Kyle Lauletta,

“I would say the run game that they had was a result of our scheme on defense. We were trying to take away the passing game and we played some coverages that allowed them to run the ball a little more. I think we really focused on stopping Lauletta and the receivers and it made us a little more vulnerable in the run game, allowing them to move the sticks and control the clock.”

On how the coaching staff tries to mentally prepare all of the fill-in players they are playing,

“They’re coming in every week, practicing really hard and their preparation has been good. At quarterback, we aren’t going to give McCloskey the same game plan that we would give a three year veteran starter in Zach Bednarczyk, but we’re just trying to go out there and execute. Moving forward, as a team we just have to put ourselves in a position to have makeable third downs. We have to lean on our running game a little more and just try and move the sticks. We don’t want them to focus on making the big play, just convert first downs. When your defense is on the field 11 more minutes than your offense is, at some point in time they are going to break down.”



On Justin Covington’s performance Saturday,

“He’s been doing a good job for us. We probably haven’t given him or Aaron Forbes enough opportunities since neither of them have had 20 carries in one game. If you’re a running back, you need more carries to see how the defense is reacting. Justin did a great job with his limited opportunities on only seven carries, but maybe that means his seven carries should go to 14 next week, giving him an opportunity to double what he did for us on the field Saturday. If you can establish a run game, then you get to take some pressure off your quarterback. This past week, we didn’t stay on the field long enough to get in a rhythm in either one of the phases of the offense.”

On the performance of their punter John Hinchen this season,

“He’s been great, he has been the most consistent guy we have had this year along with Ed Shockley and Jeff Steeb. He is phenomenal though. He leads the league in punting, he changes field position for us and he’s our holder so he has been a steady performer for us constantly moving field position in our favor. Unfortunately, we’re asking him to be on the field too often.”

On their matchup next week at Rhode Island,

“They’re playing everyone really tough and you can’t worry about who you’re playing or what their record is in the CAA because no matter who you’re playing it’s going to be a tough opponent. They were up on Elon at halftime and had a chance to win at the end of that game too. They have a good running back in Harold Cooper and they are throwing the ball really well. It’s always difficult to go on the road in the CAA and come up with a road win. For us, we’re in a position to win a game, bringing us back to .500 and give us a chance to have a winning season so we’re still playing something.”