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Head Coach Mark Ferrante Talks Elon, Richmond on CAA Teleconference
Oct. 31, 2017

Head Coach Mark Ferrante

On his impressions of Saturday’s loss to Elon,

“It was a hard fought battle as we knew it was going to be. They came in and performed at a more consistent level than we were able to. We shot ourselves in the foot a little bit offensively but we’re playing a lot of young guys on that side of the ball. We’re just lacking in consistency and a couple times we got ourselves in long yardage situations where we don’t really have the fire power to overcome that. Again, Elon came in and did a great job defending us and right now Davis Cheek is on fire these past couple weeks throwing the football.”

On Kyle McCloskey’s performance,

“He did a nice job. He’s going to give you everything he has; he’s a competitor, he’s a winner and he’s tough. He ran the ball in some scrambling situations where he was able to pick up some first downs for us in both short and long yardage situations. We’re real pleased with him and look forward to getting him more work, more reps and more opportunities to be able to know where to go with the ball. There were a couple times where they rotated coverage or brought some pressure and he might not have been looking at the side of the field he should have been looking at but that will come with time and experience. I thought he did a good job in his first start and we as a staff have no problems with how he went in there and competed.”

On the defense’s pass rush versus Elon,

“Elon did a great job protecting their quarterback. With a three-man front it’s hard to get pressure so we knew we had to add some pressure with blitzes and things like that but we didn’t get to him enough or make him feel uncomfortable enough so that is definitely something we will work on moving forward.”



On the keys to the game for this week’s matchup versus Richmond,

“We’re facing another really good passer in Kyle Lauletta who leads the conference in passing individually as well as the team collectively. We’re going to have to find a way to get some extra pressure on him and make him more uncomfortable than we were able to do this past weekend against Davis Cheek.”

On Richmond’s defense,

“We’re always trying to have a balanced attack. I haven’t really looked at Richmond enough just yet; we’re just starting to break down that film yesterday into this morning. We’re going to go in and try and game plan as we always do which is to have a balanced attack. We’re going to study their defense and try and come up with the best game plan we can to try and exploit some of their weaknesses but we’re always trying to worry more about how we’re executing our game plan and making sure we hold on to the football.”

On what Elon’s offense was able to do so effectively against Villanova’s defense,

“It really was their passing game and their field position. Davis (Cheek) even missed a couple passes that I’m sure he’d like to have back. They ended up running the ball for over 100 yards which is the first time that happened against us this year and that came down to the last possession so our run defense has still been very strong. They were just very effective passing the ball. Davis was comfortable in the pocket and he got the ball out quick and we missed a few tackles here and there so at times a four or five yard gain turned into first downs for them. They made some big plays; Davis did a great job running their offense and exploiting our defense. Unfortunately, with some of our penalties it ended up giving them really good field position but they executed well.”

On Richmond’s quarterback Kyle Lauletta and what makes him so difficult to stop,

“He has a great understanding of what they are trying to do. He’s so experienced, he’s big, he slings the ball around and knows where to go with the football. He’s been doing it in this league for so long and he has really talented wide receivers and the line does a great job protecting him. We’re definitely going to have to find a way to get some pressure on him and defend the pass better this week.”

On Aaron Forbes leading the team in all purpose yards and his role in the offense,

“I think we were planning on getting him as many touches as possible in the run game but we didn’t stay on the field long enough or run enough plays. Aaron’s our experienced guy on offense so we were definitely trying to lean on him a little more and get him some more touches than usual. Some plays, like the touchdown, were obviously designed for him but others were just Kyle (McCloskey) checking down and letting Aaron make a play. He’s one of the few guys on that side of the ball with experience so we were just trying to get the ball in his hands to let him make some plays.”