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If you are interested in attending Villanova University and playing football for the Wildcats, please contact the member of our coaching staff who is responsible for your area.

Please send a copy of your film, along with transcripts and test scores, to the Villanova Football office at the completion of your season.

Villanova Football Office Phone:610-519-4105

Villanova Football Office Fax:610-519-6473

Mailing Address:Villanova Stadium, 800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, PA 19085


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Mark Ferrante
Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line
Recruiting Areas: Ferrante primarily recruits Eastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and Scranton. He also recruits Central and Western New York.
Coach Ferrante Bio
E-Mail Coach Ferrante
(610) 519-4109

Sam Venuto
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
Recruiting Areas: Venuto primarily recruits Central Pennsylvania, including Harrisburg and Williamsport.
Coach Venuto's Bio
E-Mail Coach Venuto
(610) 519-6793

Billy Crocker
Defensive Coordinator / Linebackers
Recruiting Areas: Crocker primarily recruits Southern and Central New Jersey, including the 856, 609, and 732 area codes.
Coach Crocker's Bio
E-Mail Coach Crocker
(610) 519-4127

Brian Flinn
Wide Receivers/Recruiting Coordinator
Recruiting Areas: Flinn recruits Northern New Jersey, including the 201, 973, and 908 area codes.
Coach Flinn's Bio
E-Mail Coach Flinn
(610) 519-4107

Joe Trainer
Defensive Line / Special Teams Coordinator
Recruiting Areas: Trainer primarily recruits Maryland and Washington DC. He also recruits Delaware and Northern Virginia.
Coach Trainer's Bio
Email Coach Trainer
(610) 519-4117

Darrius Smith
Running Backs
Recruiting Areas: Smith primarily recruits South Florida, including Miami and Tampa. He also recruits North Florida and Georgia.
Coach Smith's Bio
E-Mail Coach Smith
(610) 519-4106

Tony Trisciani
Defensive Backs
Recruiting Areas: Trisciani primarily recruits New England. He also recruits NYC, Long Island, and Eastern New York.
Coach Trisciani's Bio
Email Coach Trisciani
(610) 519-4119

Dave Riede
Recruiting Areas: Riede recruits Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and the state of California.
Coach Riede's Bio
E-Mail Coach Riede
(610) 519-4108



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