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Villanova/Holy Cross Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 28, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

My hat's off to Holy Cross. They played a terrific football game. We are built to stop the run and we are not really built to stop the pass. That was probably the best passing game we have seen this year. Dominic Randolph is a very fine player and I would have to say he is the best pure passer we have seen this season. The thing that makes them so good is how well they execute their offense. I was very impressed with the Holy Cross team. The Patriot League should be very proud of them.

On Villanova's Offensive Efficiency: We have the All-League Quarterback Chris Whitney who is a play maker. We have probably the MVP of the league in Matt Szczur and an offensive line that is one of the better offensive lines in the country. We also have a very fine wide receiver in Brandyn Harvey and our backs are solid. We are a built as a time possession football team. Today we had the ball for 35 minutes and that gave us 38 points which was enough. It is a group that has worked together all year and they have a good chemistry with one another.

I told my coaches at halftime that we needed to be up by 21 to feel comfortable. With their offense and that quarterback I wanted at least a three touchdown lead. After we got a few defensive stops to start the second half we didn't capitalize on offense which concerned me. I knew then that the game was probably going to be tight the whole way. The fourth quarter field goal was big because it gave us a two posession edge that we were able to maintain."

I was very happy with our offense. Our skill guys really came up big for us. It was kind of like a blood letting experience. We would score and then they would score. You felt like you had to put points on the board every time we had the ball because they were so dangerous. I thought the play of the game was the catch that Matt Szczur made down here to the right. That allowed us to keep the drive going and put us up by 14 again.



Senior defensive back Ross Ventrone...

"That was a very good football team we beat. We knew from watching film how good their offense was. That is the best quarterback we faced all year. He made some terrific throws. We made an adjustment in the second half and played more man coverage to take away some of their intermediate routes."

Junior defensive back John Dempsey...

"This is the playoffs and you lose one and your done so every win is good. We weren't happy giving up 28 points but a lot of that credit goes to Holy Cross. This will help us become a better defense going forward. We will watch the film and clean up some things and we will be better for it."

Junior wide receiver Matt Szczur...

We knew after the first possession that we were going to have to score a lot of points. Nothing was really said but you could tell that Holy Cross had a good offense and they were going to be able to put some points on the board. When you have a quarterback like they have anything is possible.

On his 45-yard third quarter actch that set up Villanova's fifth touchdown: "I actually wasn't supposed to run a route on that play. I was basically supposed to stay in and block. Once I saw Chris scramble and I just felt that I had to go. Chris is so good with his legs that I knew he could keep the play alive. I was fortunate enough to time my jump and come down with the ball."