Villanova/Delaware Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 23, 2013

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Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

Opening statement: Typical Villanova Delaware game. Hang on until the end and anything can happen. It's just one of those rivalries that bring out sometimes the best and the worst of both teams. I thought Delaware brought out the worst in us, right up until about the 10 minute mark in the fourth quarter. We were undisciplined and it just seems like we lost our composure. I think at some point in time, we had enough resilience having been through the schedule that we've been through, where we've been in some tough hard-nosed games and were able to package some things offensively. We got a few stops and our guys just did a great job. The onside kick was tremendous. Chris Gough waited for 10 yards before he fell on it and then fought real hard to hold on to it, I thought that was real critical. Of course, Mark Hamilton's kick in the end was money. A deserving kick that guy has been one of the great kickers we've had at Villanova and for him to finish his career on that was fantastic. I thought John did a great job throughout the game. No question Delaware came in ready to stop him and at times did a good job holding him down but he took off and got some runs, kept drives going and found some people open under pressure. He's a seasoned quarterback and that's what we needed to win the game. I think Delaware is a really good team. There as good as anybody we've played and we almost let this game get away from us, it could've been a rout. If you take a look at Joe Price here, he's been out for eight weeks with two fractured vertebrae and he played today after a week of practice still in pain but he wanted to play his senior game. That's what it is all about. That's what we needed. He had a couple of touchdowns and some key catches. They just pulled everything out of us that we had as a team and that's what we needed to win the game.

Senior wide receiver Joe Price...

On how it felt to be back on the field: It felt great. I was nervous at first when I started running on Sunday. It was the first time I ran since the Saturday of the William and Mary game. That was hard for me. That Sunday I could barely walk. I needed help putting on my socks and shoes. The past two months have really been hard for me. I put so much into my career and I wanted to have a great fifth year season and it didn't go the way I wanted but I just kept trying to be positive. At times it was hard, people wrote me off saying I was done for the season; and I was just like it's the last game and it's Delaware and I'm playing. I wanted to ball out and play my heart out and I gave it everything I had. I love this (football) and this is my life. It's hard to speak when you know it's over and something is coming to an end. I am proud of these guys, Mark, John and everybody. I am proud to be their teammate and proud to be their friend and I love them.

Delaware head coach Dave Brock...

Opening statement: Obviously, a gut wrenching lost for us, for our players and certainly the seniors. Very disappointing, we weren't able to close out that game and find a way to win this rivalry game which we struggle with. My heart's broken for the players. That locker-room right now is a sad bunch of young kids who battled and really played their hearts out. We just weren't able to find a way to finish the game, whether it is coaching, offensively, defensively or on special teams. Everybody took a little bite out of it and it added up to a loss. Again, it's disappointing to not be able to close out that game with the circumstances we had.

Junior defensive end Derrick Saulsberry...

On what happened on defense in the fourth quarter: It just came down to execution. We weren't executing at the level we were before and they were executing the way they weren't before. That's all it came down to and credit to Villanova. He's (John Robertson/Villanova) probably the best quarterback in the country, I would give him that. We lost to a very good team and they just executed in the crunch time and we didn't.



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