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Villanova/Delaware Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 21, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

On winning the CAA: Well obviously it's fantastic to win a championship. We haven't done that in quite awhile. We missed it last year by a Hail Mary pass and I think the players had a strong resolve this year to get there. It's been a rough campaign. This league is really tough. In terms of our championship, it's kind of a shame the playoffs almost supersede the championship. Normally, when you win a championship you're very elated and happy. We feel very well prepared for the playoffs. Our players have been through a very difficult campaign in the toughest league in the country. Three of the guys right here, Terry Thomas, has had a brilliant season defensively. Matt Caesar has done so much for us; best player since Brian Westbrook; and Chris Whitney has been the most exciting, fun, feast or famine type quarterback we've had in a long time. He brings so much to the table for our team with the overall toughness he has.

On facing Delaware: We played a very good Delaware team that was on a roll after their Navy loss. We knew it was going to be a very tough game. We had some opportunities when they turned the ball over early and that was critical; it took some confidence away from them and allowed us to build a lead. With their passing attack they were capable of getting back in the game very, very quickly.

On the resolve of the team: I think the bell weather of this team has been consistency all year. They've played consistent with just about everybody we've faced. Even some of the weaker teams that we've played, we've risen to the occasion and got it done. We had a little luck along the way, but we've also made our own luck. It's been a terrific group and a lot of maturity which makes a huge difference.

On gaining early points against Delaware: I think in this league when you lead a Delaware, a Richmond, a JMU, when you keep them around you fight for your life at the end of the game. We put points on the board early off of turnovers which was critical. We kept everything in front of us and tackled really well.



On Villanova deserving a #1 seed in the playoffs: We have the best resume and pedigree in the country. Temple probably won today. We beat the Ivy League champion. We've taken on all the No. 1's and 5's and 6's there are. If you take a look at the winning records of all the teams we've played, six or seven teams have winning records. If you look across the board of some of the others teams out there, that isn't true. We are in a war every single week. We've played all Division I teams. We haven't dodged anybody. This program in succession has played Maryland, West Virginia and the best team in the MAAC. I just feel very strongly about that. I hope that the committee takes a good hard look at that because we deserve a No. 1 or 2 seed.

On the health of his team: Mario Johnson has a little bit of a bad knee but he's been playing with it. We went into the game hurt. Marquis Kirkland went in hurt. We have a bunch of guys that are banged up. At this point in the year, you aren't playing 100%. The team across the field isn't 100%. You like to think its all relative when it comes down to it.

Junior quarterback Chris Whitney...

On winning a championship: We knew we wanted to come out on top and leave nothing on the field; get that ring. We played it like it was another game... this team knows what we need to do to win. We come out every week like it's a tough game.

On never losing to Delaware: We started it with our class. We started playing really well when our class came in and we want to finish it. This is our junior year and we have another year left, but we want to finish it.