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Villanova/Delaware Post-Game Quotes
Nov. 18, 2017

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova Head Coach Mark Ferrante

Opening Statement:

“Our guys came out. We had a great week of practice. The seniors took a lot of control of the team. We came out with a lot of emotion. We executed at a very good level. I could not be prouder of these guys and I love these guys.”

On the offense being so successful today:

“It was great. As difficult as these past games have been for us, I have said this earlier in the week that this is a rivalry game and that brings extra emotion and this being our last home game and also being our senior game brought double the emotion. It is amazing what you can do with a little more emotion, passion, love for each other which they expressed this week when they (seniors) talked to the team and I am really proud at how they played today.”

On how bringing more emotion meant so much to today’s victory:

“I truly think bringing more emotion can impact the performance of our team. We didn’t change our plays, we didn’t change our defensive calls and we just played for each other. If you were in this very room a week ago and you heard Taurus talk to his teammates or even some of the injured guys like Matt Gudzak talk to his teammates, you would get a feel for the closeness of this team and I think it’s almost that simple. I hope we can bottle all this up and carry it through the off-season and into next season but there was a different feeling on the sideline today than there has been in any of our games that we’ve had.

On how it felt to stop the fake field goal attempt by Delaware:

“We usually bring guys off the edge but we knew that they have success over time not necessarily just this season that Coach Allen would maybe call a fake or two along the way so we changed up how we set up the play. We didn’t rush and had to make sure we were covering the guys on the edges. We actually installed one of Coach Allen’s fakes but we never used it this season. So we were telling our guys to stay on side and watch for a fake. We called more of a middle pressure instead of the more traditional edge pressure so that we could cover the tight ends in the wings our guy Rassan Stewart made a great play.”



On how important the win was overall:

“No doubt this win was important. This being a rivalry game, last game of the year, if you can win that game then it definitely propels you into first off enjoying the holidays, feeling good about yourself going there, and then when we get back it gives us added momentum into the offseason. So again not the season that we had hoped for but to finish the season the way we had, winning the rivalry, keeping the Battle of the Blue Trophy right here where it belongs is a big statement that these guys made today.”

Wide Receiver #24 Taurus Phillips

On how important the win was against a rival:

“It feels like any other win but I can’t explain how much this meant to me. There was so much emotion on the sideline. You saw players swaying side to side on the sideline and it was a completely different atmosphere than other games. Overall it was a big win for us.”

Linebacker #33 Ed Shockley

On defeating a rival on senior day:

“Having the season we had with all the ups and downs and facing all the adversity with injuries and thinking about what the season could have been, todays win was truly an honor. The win was just a thank you to all the past seasons and thanking all the coaches and players for all the hard work and dedication that was given to the program.”

Running Back #25 Aaron Forbes

On the overall team vibe during the game:

“I think our young guys knew that this was the last hoorah for our senior so they knew that they had to give it their all and sometimes when you’re younger you don’t realize that you have bring that emotion every single game. It was definitely a wakeup call and we needed to get this win our seniors as well being the last game of the season so there was definitely a different feeling out there today and usual.

On what the win means heading into the offseason:

“The win definitely springs us into the next season and into the offseason so we can attack it face forward and gets us ready to work on what we need to improve on and finding ways to get better.”

Delaware Head Coach Danny Rocco

Opening statement:

“I’m disappointed in the outcome and I expected our team to play better today. I must recognize how well Villanova played today, and they beat us to the punch in several phases during the game. They ran the ball against our defense which in unlike what we have seen. Defensively, Villanova showed up and made it difficult for our offense to get on track. I would to have seen us respond better when they went up early and found a way to get into the game but it wasn’t going to happen today. Our players played the full 60, I thought we lost poise during the third quarter but our guys finished strong by scoring at the end. When we went down 14-0 I felt like we weren’t going to score a lot of points today so I made a few unconventional decisions like the fake field goal. Nothing went our way today and I will own that, we didn’t get a break, we didn’t get a bounce, and didn’t make plays until it was too late.”

On playing under pressure:

“It’s the reality of the game of football. Sometimes the team that doesn’t have as much on the line plays a little freer. Villanova may have played one of their best games of the year today. We haven’t been starting well over the past several weeks and today it wasn’t going to happen. “

When asked about their offensive troubles:

“I was surprised that we were unable to extend drives and get the ball in the end zone. It goes back to faking the field goal and when are we going to score two touchdowns as I sat and watched the team play today. I was disappointed in that aspect of the game as I expected we would have played better on offense.”

When asked about rising to the occasion:

“It disappointed and surprised that we didn’t rise the occasion. Winning today, which we expected to do, would have put us ahead of schedule in terms of rebuilding. We could have gotten a win that would have been meaningful to our program and to our fans. It’s the world I live in and some weeks you get things that go your way and you can take that momentum but today we didn’t get anything going to give us that hope that we could get on top. I give Villanova credit for beating us to the punch in most phases of the game.

Linebacker #9 Troy Reeder

On the defensive struggle:

“We have up three touchdowns to a pretty good team. Watching their film all week it seemed like there were things in their season where things went wrong but it seemed today that everything went their way. I don’t know if it was the pressure of them knowing it was their last game or not having something to play for besides the rivalry but I think we should have played better. It seems like all year that we have been able to make a play that sparks the whole team but I give Villanova credit for not letting that happen today.”

Takeaways from today:

“We haven’t had a lot winning at Villanova since as long as I’ve been here so I think there is an element to having to learn how to learn that can only be instilled by winning. We have the same amount of wins this season as the last two combined so handling ourselves and learning how to come back and work as hard as you can is important. All I can note is that next season we are able to win key games.”

Offensive Lineman #54 Brody Kern

On what was missing:

“We struggled coming out and scoring early. We always have had to fight back as our defense tried to keep it close but today we couldn’t do that. We can’t play a whole season like that so that was one thing that we were missing today. They came out with a lot of energy and I thought we did too but when it came down to it they just had more energy. That plays a lot in this rivalry game and it’s always a tough game no matter what our records are.”

On not being able to convert offensively:

“All season we have been starting out slow so you think you aren’t going to be able to run the ball. Take last week against Albany when they had a very good run defense and we ended up with 250 yards on the ground. Week in and week out we have always found plays where we knew it was going to work and later in the week game we pick up momentum. Today though we just couldn’t find plays that worked and that was the most frustrating.”