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Villanova/Elon Post-Game Quotes
Oct. 28, 2017

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Head Coach Mark Ferrante

Opening Statement:

“We don’t play consistently enough on offense to sustain drives. We hurt ourselves even more with things like holding penalties and we are not consistent enough to overcome first and 20 or second and 16 and so on. Defensively we’re still playing strong against the run; their quarterback did a great job with play action and putting the ball where it needed to be. They’re a talented team and find ways to win. When you’re on the receiving end of two turnovers and don’t give up any, you put yourself in a position to win and that’s why this was as close as it was. I’m proud of the effort from our guys, I’m proud of the resiliency and the no quit attitude. I give Elon credit, that will be their fourth come from behind win in the fourth quarter and they’re finding a way to get it done and unfortunately we are not on all three phases of the game.”

On the inconsistency of the offense,

“We’re playing a lot of young guys. We’re playing different guys up front on the offensive line. It was a valiant effort from Kyle (McCloskey) but I’m sure when we look at the film there will be a couple plays that we didn’t get to. Playing all of these young guys now will be very invaluable down the road but as of now, we’re playing in the toughest conference in the country and when you’re playing 11 of the 13 freshmen you recruited on scholarship a year ago that is going to be tough.”

On the defense being on the field too much,

“I know halftime stats were pretty even as far as time of possession goes. They ended up with ball five more minutes than we did. At some point in time fatigue is going to set in and maybe that’s why we couldn’t knock those last two run plays down. Overall, we have no complaints about our defense. Their effort is great, their attitude is great and they play with great enthusiasm.”

On next week’s game and their shot of making the playoffs,

“Here’s our goals: have a winning season, try and win a league championship, make the playoffs and if you make the playoffs, you have a chance to win the national championship. Right now, we’re 4-4. We can still get a winning season and if we win out can we make the playoffs? I don’t know I can’t control that. Our next goal is to go 1-0 against Richmond. We know there’s going to be another quarterback coming in here slinging the ball around because their quarterback is the leading passer in the league so we’re going to prepare for that.”

On field position,

“We definitely lost the field position battle tonight. They had a lot more short fields than we did. We know Jon (Hinchen) can flip the field for us, and he did a couple times tonight, but having someone punt the ball seven times is too many. We’re not consistent enough offensively to sustain 80-yard, 90-yard and 99-yard drives. To our defenses credit, where they started a lot of our drives our defense held them off well. They had five red zone chances and only three scores. Our defense did their part there, our special teams came up with that big return to give us a chance to take the lead on our last possession and then we shot ourselves in the foot with a holding penalty. With the field position that we dealt with tonight, the score could have been a lot more lopsided than it was.”

On Kyle McCloskey’s performance,

“He’s a winner. He’s not looking to run out of bounds or slide. You saw him on a couple plays go as far as possible to try and come up with first downs. He was quick to flush outside the pocket tonight and needed to show a little more poise, especially against a three man rush, to sit in there and try and throw the ball but he showed grit, toughness and competitiveness. That’s why we recruited him.”

Quarterback #11 Kyle McCloskey

On his first start,

“It was good to get use to the speed, but whether it was my first start or my 100th start there were definitely some plays that I needed to make. There were plays that were left on the field for sure. I’m happy I got to play but there are no moral victories here. I wanted to win the game.”

On what he can improve on,

“Poise and going through my reads. The last game I started was a high school game and a lot of things I did in that game I can’t get away with here. I need to get in the playbook and know the offense in and out so when I see the defense or see certain coverage I know where I’m going with the ball instead of just rolling out of the pocket. With this experience and doing some review on the film hopefully I can be a lot better next week.”

Defensive Tackle #99 Ricky Young

On field positioning,

“I think it played a little part in the game but our defense never expects anyone to score. Even when we’re backed up in the red zone we just expect that someone is going to come up with a play to get the ball or stop them.”

On the team’s mindset going forward,

“We’re just going to keep playing. Nothing is over yet.”

Elon Head Coach Curt Cignetti

Opening statement:

“Another great team win. Great win for the program. Really happy for all the players and coaches. Starting to shape up to be a special season. I hate to say that because we are a one day at a time kind of team. We always make it interesting. It did not have to be that interesting towards the end. There were a couple of plays that we missed were we would not have to be on the edge of our seats, but we were and that’s what we do. Our team really believes and has a lot of heart and character. I am very proud of our team.”

On quarterback Davis Cheek’s performance,

“Well I just thought it was another Davis Cheek performance. What really surprised me was he missed to open throws. But it just shows what it takes to be successful. I think we can do it on the ground and in the air and Davis is like cool-hand Luke. If there’s anyone better I want to see him.”

Quarterback #17 Davis Cheek

On the comeback after a Villanova touchdown,

“I think at this point we have done it so many times. This team never stops fighting until the clock hits zero and even then the team never gives up and it doesn’t matter if we are up or they are it doesn’t matter. We aren’t going give up at all.”

Defensive Back #8 Chris Blair

On the special season of being 5-0 in the league and seven consecutive wins,

“It is definitely a big turnaround. In the beginning of the season we had a blueprint and all we had to do is follow it and now it is actually showing.”

On how he feels about the team playing well,

“It’s starting to become more natural. For three years we’ve been here before and nothing feels like what we felt today in which we could rejoice after the win. But after tonight, we move onto the next game and that’s just our attitude going forward.”

Wide Receiver #2 Kortez Weeks

On what was working so well between him and the quarterback,

“Coming into this game, we watched film on them and we knew we could hit a bunch of passes and receiving routes and I was expecting balls to come my way and I was able to capitalize on most of them.”

On being one of only three players in program history to have over 200 receiving yards,

“It’s a blessing but I’m keeping my head forward and moving onto the next game. This game is behind us now and all we’re focused on is the next game.”