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Villanova/Hofstra Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 27, 2007

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

On the game: We needed to have the type of game today where all of our cylinders were functioning, from the specials teams to the defense and getting what we could on offense. We needed to have a kick return for a touchdown and to have two touchdowns from the defense on the interception and the fumble. We stood by our defense in a game we thought would go down to the wire and did. I couldn't be happier with the team right now. They played like junkyard dogs tonight. We are young and we battle and that is really the best thing that I can tell you.

On winning with only 201 yards of offense: To be honest we knew that their defense would be stingy and knew that we would have to pick our spots. We had trouble getting the running game going because they defended our option attack pretty well. We couldn't loosen them up with the passing game either and the defense kind of ganged up on Matt Dicken and Chris Whitney. Chris got flushed out of the pocket several times and other times didn't get the ball downfield where he needed to. Given their defense it wasn't surprising to have the kind of day where the offense had to be a little ugly to get a win.

On the Villanova defense: [Hofstra quarterback] Bryan Savage really worried me because he is a quarterback who has been around and is pretty savvy. I knew we would be tested in the passing game and expected a difficult game from that perspective. I think what you saw today is what we needed. We needed everything that we got in the game, whether it was a run to keep a drive alive or that we were able to get in the end zone early.

On the defense at the end of the game: It was a little bit of a concern that the defense was running out of gas. With a minute left in the game they had been on the field for 17 minutes in the second half and the offense only 12 minutes. I thought we conditioned beautifully and the kids hung in there. It was tiring to be out there defending a quarterback who was running all over the field.



Villanova sophomore defensive back Martel Moody...

On his interception return for a touchdown: They had a man right at the post and I wasn't really sure, but once I got close to it I saw that instead of making the hit I should try and make a good play.

On breaking up the final Hofstra pass of the game: The defensive line did a great job putting pressure on the pass. It was tossed up and I just knocked it down. I knew it was the last play and you are locked in at that point and just want to make a play. I knew if I could make one play then we could get off the field. They had three receivers in the area and I was just trying to read the quarterback.

On the team's defense: We are banding together. We have had some season-ending injuries and the youth of the team has a lot to do with the defense. There have been times where just one senior was out on the field with sophomores, redshirt freshmen and true freshmen. It has been about coming together and knowing that we have to play together on the field.

Villanova freshman quarterback Chris Whitney...

On the offense: The offense didn't play as well after the first two series and I take some of the blame for that because we didn't get into an offensive groove. I made a couple of mistakes and we weren't able to find what we needed to get the ball into the end zone after those first two series.

On making his second start: I think I have the grasp of things now but I also know that I can take the mistakes I made tonight and learn from them. It is good when you can learn things in a win and it helps when you have the play of our special teams and defense like we had tonight.

Hofstra head coach Dave Coen...

On the game: For the second week in a row the turnover margin was devastating. We can't make four turnovers against a quality team like Villanova and win the game. I felt like at the start of the game and the start of the second half we put ourselves in bad positions. We hurt ourselves as much as anything else but I take my hat off to Coach Talley and his staff. This was a nice win for them. Our mistakes don't take anything away from what they did tonight, but the turnovers are killing us.

On Villanova: I have to give their staff a lot of credit for the job they have done. They are playing without some projected starters due to injuries and have four true freshmen that are in key spots. We definitely wouldn't be able to compete at the level that they are at right now if we were in the same position. Their staff has done a great job.