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Villanova/Maine Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 26, 2013

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Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

Opening Statement: A real tough game. I thought we played probably as hard as we could. Maine is an impressive team. I thought coming into the game that they were very good. I'm really proud of our players - I thought we played really hard. We stayed in the game, had a chance to come back and maybe pull it off at the end. John played fabulously. He's really a one-man wrecking crew. We're down two receivers and then we lost Mike Burke. We're really going to have to stay committed to the run and hit the tight ends a little bit - it limits what we can do. Defensively, we've got some guys out for the year as well. It's been that kind of a year. You'd like to be able to think we can win a couple of the closer games, but we lost this week by two and last week by one. You take those back, and all of a sudden it's a different day. But we're just not good enough right now in our present condition to get two tough games like that. We've got to play better defense. We put 35 points on the board; we should be able to win that game. The time of possession, [36:46-23:14], it's brutal. It puts a lot of pressure there on the defense. ... What you see is what we are right now. There's very tough teams in this league, everybody's really good. You've got to win the close games to be a factor in the CAA.

On the defensive struggles: We have three guys out on the defense for the year. Rakim Cox played half a game last week, he hurt his shoulder last week. So your all-world player is out for half the game. What it comes down to right now is, we're facing a lot of good offensive football teams. Spread offense with a running quarterback has made coaching defense not fun. If you've got to defend John Robertson, that's not fun. When you come up with a guy like their quarterback, they make life miserable for your defense.

Sophomore quarterback John Robertson...

On the game: It's tough. Coach Venuto said after the game, we've got to find a way to get those few points back. There's little things that we don't do during practice that we've got to do. This league's tough, and there's going to be a lot of close games. We've got to get out there and get those few points at the end of the game. That's what we're searching for because we keep losing by a couple points.

Maine head coach Jack Cosgrove...

Opening statement: It's a big win for us. I'm very excited to be able to come down here and play a great opponent and go 60 minutes with them. I think we both gave each other our best shots and they finally threw one to us at the end. I thought we had outstanding quarterback play. They had outstanding quarterback play. It probably doesn't surprise anybody in the room, that guy's hard to tackle. This guy throws the ball as good as anybody in the FCS. It probably went the way it should of, knowing the quarterbacks of both these football teams.

On scoring on the first six drives: We've been very efficient. One of the things we've improved on it the third downs. We've done a nice job, the offensive staff, and we've got the personnel to creating better third down situations. ... Marcus gives us enough of a run threat as well as our receivers.

On quarterback Marcus Wasilewski: I don't want to get criticized for bragging about how tough this kid is. He's a Pennsylvania kid. He knows how to play the game and we're happy as heck that he's behind center for us. He's a complete football player and loves the game and gives us everything he's got.

Senior quarterback Marcus Wasilewski...

On Maine holding onto the ball: Time of possession was huge for us today, going down to the wire. I think those extra players were just us executing. If you get those plays and don't do anything with it, it doesn't matter much because it doesn't take much time on the clock and Villanova is back on the field with their high-powered offense. We wanted to take one play at a time, take what they gave us and execute the play.