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Villanova/Maine Postgame Quotes
Oct. 7, 2017

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Villanova, Pa. -

Head Coach Mark Ferrante

Opening Statement:

“If you had told me that was going to be the outcome of the game I would have never believed you. If you get six turnovers in your favorite that’s usually what the score is going to look like. To everybody’s credit, our team came ready to play. There’s a couple guys out there getting first time opportunities; Jack got ‘thrown into the fire’ last week so this was his first true start and he couldn’t have responded any better. I’m really proud and really pleased with the way we played today.”

On the performance of the team’s younger players filling in,

“It shows that we’re together as a team. When some of our guys who are superstars like Rob Rolle, Ryan Bell and Zach Bednarczyk went down, the young guys have responded well and those guys have picked up the younger guys. I credit our upperclassmen for that, that is the veteran leadership that we ask for. When the upperclassmen are playing the way they are and leading the way they are, that is going to help raise the performance of the younger guys.”

On this defense compared to last year’s defense,

“Statistically, I think we’re right along there right now. Obviously when you graduate a defensive end who is a second round pick it’s hard to replace him, but I am so proud of what the guys up front are doing. We’re still stopping the run, and the turnovers were huge today. Last year, we were able to get a little more pressure on the quarterback by only rushing three guys, but right now we usually have to send a fourth or fifth guy to get that same pressure. Our guys are hanging in coverage a little bit longer than last year, I think that’s the biggest difference, but we’re still stopping the run and keeping people out of the end zone.”

On what has changed on defense since the season opener,

“I think it was a matter of being the first game and trying to get use to game speed and figuring each other out. That goes for our new coaches as well as the new and returning players. We’re just starting to understand the overall defensive scheme as a team better. The difference is we were just a step off of making some big plays in that game against Lehigh and now we’re making those plays, getting to the ball and creating these turnovers.”

On quarterback Jack Schetelich’s performance,

“We told Jack going into it that he just has to manage the game. Don’t go out there and try to make the big play or try and win the game for us, just execute the offense and execute the game plan that we are going to give you. Jack did a great job keeping his composure. He threw that interception early and could have lost it there but he didn’t. I think he does a good job of understanding what we are trying to do and does a good job of focusing on the next play even after a mistake.”

On next week’s game at James Madison,

“Here’s what I know, our guys are super resilient and super excited to go into that environment. It’s going to be close to thirty thousand people. Whether it’s our home stadium in front of a packed house or James Madison’s stadium, our guys get excited to go in there when they see a lot of people and hear a lot of noise. Our guys will be ready to go.”

Defensive Back #22 Jaquan Amos

On the 99-yard touchdown play,

“We were in cover-2 so I was pressing the receiver. He took an outside release, so as soon as I turned my head the ball was there. I saw the ball on the ground, I grabbed it and was off to the end zone.”

On what has changed on defense since the season opener,

“I would say we’ve came together as a team and progressed to get better and better as the weeks go by.”

Linebacker #42 Keeling Hunter

On the feeling of the defense shutting out Maine,

“We put a lot of pressure on ourselves, so it feels great when it works out like that. We pride ourselves on trying to keep every team to zero.”

On what has changed on defense since the season opener,

“I think guys have figured out their role a little bit. We’ve had guys starting that hadn’t played that many snaps together and since then I think we’ve worked out our chemistry and found our identity.”

On next week’s game at James Madison,

“As a player, you want to play in the big moment. No one on our defense shy’s away from a moment like that and everyone wants to show that they can play on the biggest stage. We’re always playing like we have something to prove, especially when the lights are on us.

Maine Head Coach Joe Harasymiak

On what Villanova was doing that made them struggle,

"They're a good team. They're well coached. Have a lot of respect for them. I just think we played the way we didn't want to play today. It was embarrassing on our end. Give them credit they do a lot of things offensively that are challenging such as motions. They're defense is one of the top in the conference. But our performance was awful and embarrassing."

On the impact of having a couple weeks off from having a game,

"I don't know yet. I will have to look at the tape but certainly I have heard a little bit about that in the past week. It might be with the rustiness with not playing games but we've played well in the first three games of the year I thought and definitely thought we were well ready for this game but that chance went away quickly."

On the fumble recovery for a touchdown,

"After a fumble return for a touchdown for 99 yards, it seemed like we were never able to recover after that for sure. He have got to battle back, it's my responsibility to fix that. I take full accountability as head coach. It's my fault and we have to fix it and it'll start when we get back tonight."

On the take aways from this game, 

"I don't know if a game can go as bad. Hopefully we play better from that experience. But we have to see what we're made of and see what type of program we run, see what type of kids we got, and we have to see what type of heart they have. 0-3 in the conference not where we wanted and we have to see what we're about and what our coaches are about because if we don't, we're going to stink."

On the mentality in the locker room at half time,

I don't think there was a doubt in our belief that we could get it done it was just that the 99 yard fumble return for a touchdown just for the momentum of the game was tough. At halftime I wanted to see how we would respond and unfortunately we didn't get the job done."

On what he said to his players following the fumble,

"You're best players can't let that happen. Then we had 4 turnovers and when you play on the road in a conference game you'll get chewed up and that's what happened today."

Defensive End #97 Kayon Whitaker

On what Villanova was doing that was so effective,

"They were doing a lot of motioning and reads. On defense we had to be more disciplined with our eyes and do our job more effectively. Outcome should have been different but it wasn't."