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Villanova/William & Mary Post-Game Quotes

Oct. 5, 2013

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Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

Opening statement: Typical CAA game. William & Mary is a really good football team coming in. I looked at their West Virginia game, and it was 17-17 in the fourth quarter, so you know you've got a team with a pedigree that's going to give you a run. The other three teams they played, it's hard to figure out. We've had games with William & Mary just like this. They're a physical team, and they play great, especially against us.

We did not play well in the first half. We just hung around. That's what we encouraged our kids to do - just hang around and we can get a little better in the second half. I think we won the second half. We had two turnovers and they had one; that was really the difference in the game going down the line. But we held on, we got the running game going. I think they were really well prepared for John [Robertson] and what he does. I think with two weeks to prepare, any team in our league will do what they did to us today. They gave us fits in a lot of ways. I was really happy to get out of here with a win, and that's what playing at home does for you. I think there was a comfort zone at halftime with our team in regards to where we were and we had a vision that we could win the game in the second half. You don't always get that vision and you're not always comfortable in a stuffy little locker room away. We were comfortable in our place, their moms and dads are in the stands, and we came out and played better.

On winning a tough game: Anytime you play a close game against a 3-1 team, and a William & Mary team, you're thankful that things went right. On that last drive, a million things could go wrong. They've all happened to me in my career: on the one-half inch line, fumble. So instead of you going in a winning the game, the game's over on the one-inch line. That's all happened to me. So to get out of there, you've got to have a little luck in the end, and we did.

On quarterback John Robertson: The character-building process has begun. Like John said, `I had a chance to right a lot of my wrongs.' He had a lot of wrongs in the first half. He didn't play like the quarterback that he is, but then in the second half, he picked it up and put the run-pass mixture in and did some great things. That's what you have to do.

Sophomore quarterback John Robertson...

On Kevin Monangai's play changing the game: We were probably waiting for a big play to get off. In the first half, I remember Kevin coming up to me and saying, `I feel a big one coming out. It's just a matter of time.' When that happened, I was like, there it is, and we just kept it rolling. I think our offensive line did a great job today. Our center Pete Sotiriou did an awesome job stepping in for Ross Hall. We really leaned on them in the second half.

On what the team got out of the win: I think it's great that we came out and won in the fourth quarter. I think a lot of our wins, under my belt especially, we were kind of blowing teams out. I think it's good for our confidence. Going late into the season, these kinds of games are going to happen and we need to be confident in the fourth quarter that we can pull it out.

On winning on the last drive: It's a chance for me to right my wrongs. I threw a pick in the first, but I knew we could win the game anyway. You have to have a short memory, not look back. I think on that last drive, the team was thinking we're going to win. We just had to knuckle up and push right into the goal line. We were right on the inches. We had a really good attitude going into that drive.

Junior running back Kevin Monangai...

On his 54-yard run: Vince Kowalski was my man blocking on that play. With the line, we just kept pumping them up to take advantage of the holes in the first half. For one reason or another, we weren't getting through, but once we made adjustments in the second half, it kind of just hit. It's all on the offensive line and they worked hard.

On his play energizing the team: I think it did, and after that, Austin Medley kind of capped it off for us. We kind of have that one-two punch tandem in the running back corps, and it solidified our confidence going into the rest of the game.

Sophomore safety Cameron McCurry...

On the team winning a close game: Something our coaches have really been onto us this year is being tough. We've kind of carried that through spring practice. Another thing Coach Talley always tells us, in the CAA you've got to win on the road and you have to win the close ones. I think it shows the toughness of the team we have and our ability to win a close one.

William & Mary head coach Jimmye Laycock...

Opening statement: We had a typical CAA game going right down to the end. We had two teams that I thought battled pretty hard, played very hard in rough conditions out there in the heat. I thought both teams played and competed very hard. I was just disappointed there. In the second half, I thought we could've held on and played well, but the defense stopped tackling. We didn't do very well in the second half with that. But their quarterback Robertson is a good player, no question about that, but I like to see us tackle better. ... Congratulations to Villanova, but we've got to go back to work and see what we need to do now.

On losing starting quarterback Michael Graham: It certainly affects the offense because of the amount of reps the quarterback has had during the week. Mike, being the starting quarterback, probably gets 70-75 percent of the reps during the week, and the other two split the other amount. Their preparation was affected by not having the reps, but I thought they both did OK. There were probably some better decisions in the red zone.

On the team's red zone efficiency: We didn't run the ball as well as we should have and we didn't take a few throws. There's a couple throws that were wide open that we could've taken and just barely missed on. We've got to be able to run the ball better from the 10 in.