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Villanova/Lafayette Post-Game Quotes
Sept. 16, 2017

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Villanova head coach Mark Ferrante...

Opening statement: Any time you can hold the opposing team to zero (points) that’s always a good feeling. We asked our guys to come out this week and be focused, execute in the red zone a little better than we did last week and I asked the defense to come out and play as fast and as physical as they did last week. TI thought we executed in all three phases. We had the turnover inside the five-yard line, and obviously you’ll never be happy about that, but our defense was able to go out and get the ball right back for us. I was really proud of the effort and it was really good to get some young guys on the field. You can never duplicate game-speed in practice, so to get our younger guys the opportunity to play in a real game is very valuable. I’m excited about the way these guys came into this game and obviously excited about the outcome.

On how he thought his team responded from the loss against Temple: I thought they responded very well. We don’t believe in moral victories, and I don’t want to say that coming that close to beating Temple gave us confidence because I think we went into that game with a lot of confidence. I think, if anything, it gave our guys a little edge in practice this week knowing that we could have had that win. I think it helped them prepare extremely well for this week and I think this outcome proved that.

On his first home win as a head coach: It feels great. Any time you win it feels great. The first game up at Lehigh felt just as good. This one is a little special just because it was the first home game, it was family weekend, I had a lot of friends that came down for this home opener so I’m excited about that. Maybe it will sink in more a little later but it feels great. I’m hoping we can continue to win and get this feeling again.

On the penalties in the game: We always talk about playing disciplined football. There have been some years where we’ve had some penalties and done very well. I’ve looked at that and some of the teams whether it be FBS or FCS that are doing really well and scoring a lot of points have had that same problem as well. I like that we’re playing aggressive, I like their aggressive style mistakes, but in a close game we have to play a little cleaner. It’s the interferences and the aggressive hits that are called personal fouls. Those are aggressive mistakes; we’re not shooting ourselves in the foot with mental mistakes. They’re going to occur when you’re playing an aggressive style of football and we’ll look out and see if we can prevent them, but I don’t want to take away our aggressiveness when we are trying to clean that up.

On the run game today: I was happy with the run game. No matter what the score is, there is going to be correctible things when you watch the film and that was one thing we focused on. It was good to see that we had a balanced attack today. Last week, the defense dictated that a little bit by outnumbering us in the box and when you look at our run defense we’re trying to do the same thing at times and our guys have been very stout against the run in all three games. It doesn’t always go at the balance that you want, but I’m glad that we had that balance tonight.

On his Gatorade bath: It felt really good because we won the game. They definitely caught me by surprise, I was trying to make a decision on taking a penalty or not which distracted me but it felt good. I’m not going to lie, it felt good.

Junior quarterback Zach Bednarczyk…

On the Villanova offense: I think we did pretty well. Besides a couple penalties that made a little more difficult for us, I think we played well coming off last week. This week held the ball well and gave up less points. Like coach Ferrante said we had a little bit of edge this week and it showed on the field.

On the momentum to start the game: It gives a lot of confidence especially on the sideline you can see there is a lot more energy and more guys are fired up. It also helps the defense out too because I know they don’t want to allow zero points but if they happen to let up points they know that we are going to go back out and put up points as well.

On feeding off the defense: We were feeding off them and I’m sure they were feeding off us. It’s a team game and I feel like every time they went out there they were going three and out so it felt knowing we were getting back on the field.

On Ryan Bell: I have a lot of synergy with him especially at practice. He is a go to guy for me, he’s reliable and has good hands, good size. He is one of my favorite targets.

Senior defensive lineman Ricky Young…

On the shutout: It gives us a lot of more momentum, but like coach said we approached this week that same as we did Temple. We were upset after not winning the game last week that we should have won so we came out and gave it all this week.