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Villanova/Lehigh Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 12, 2009

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Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

Opening statement: We are always happy when we win but I don't feel like it was the kind of game that we really want to put our stamp on. There were a lot of outstanding individual efforts, Chris [Whitney] for one and Matt [Szczur] for another, but we didn't play compactly enough as a football team. Frankly I think we are overrated right now and have a long way to go. We did not play very well, especially on defense in the first half. There were some breakdowns on special teams and we still don't have a rhythm on offense yet.

On how Villanova played: For us to be the kind of team I think we can be there is a lot of work to do. This was a really sloppy game. It was a little predictable coming off the emotional high of the Temple game. I knew there would be a bit of a letdown but we were not cohesive enough on both sides of the ball. I feel like our competition is going to get increasingly better and we just have to improve. I am still very happy to win. It was a difficult win and I am grateful we did it, but in terms of packaging our program where we want to be we are not there yet.

On what the biggest concern is for Villanova: This offensive line should be a little bit more dominating than they were tonight. Aaron Ball had nine yards on five carries at halftime. In the second half he exploded when he got some great blocks and turned it on a little bit. We only have one new kid on the offensive line. We have to improve there.

On the offense: Our package of run and pass is not quite there. Chris is taking a lot on his shoulders right know and I don't know if we can keep him healthy playing the way he is playing. He ran for 130 yards tonight. Wow, that is a lot of yards for a quarterback. That is why we play Matt and why we play Antwon [Young] if we want to take some reps away from Chris. He doesn't like it but that is what we told him we were going to do because I want him around at the end of the season. Chris is a very physical player and I saw a couple of times where he could have stepped out of bounds and just refused to. That's the way he plays. I understand that and I love it because he is a player, but at some point in time I want to see him step out of bounds when he can.



On Villanova's mindset: I think we came out of the box the way I expected as a highly-ranked team and I want to use that lever as a motivator for the team. If you think you are good and you are supposed to be good then maybe you really are good. I know we have a good team but if you take a look at our league, we are going to play some powerhouse football teams. If we play like we did today we will get beat. I really want to use these first three games as preparation for where we want to go. We play Penn next week and three of the last four years we beat them on the last play of the game. I know we are going to go down there this year and it will be the same thing. They will play great and we will have to win it. I think we can be really good but we aren't there yet.

Junior quarterback Chris Whitney...

On the assessment that Villanova is overrated: We can always improve from week to week. I don't think we have come out on full cylinders yet. We made some dumb mistakes and had some penalties and I missed some throws. We need to just come out and play how we are capable of playing. We can be dangerous if we come together as a team and play that way.

On how he feels after two games: I'm good. I am a lot less sore than last week which is a good thing. I know how I play. That is my mindset and it is going to be the same thing every week.

Junior wide receiver Matt Szczur...

On Villanova: I agree with Coach Talley offensive wise. We do make some dumb mistakes on penalties. Those are drive-stopping penalties that we have. We have stuff to improve on offensively. The defense played solid tonight but we can improve on both sides of the ball.

On rushing for 103 yards: I wish I had gotten that touchdown [on a 75-yard run], I can tell you that. All the credit goes to the line. They worked hard all week preparing for this package. We went fast which is something we didn't do against Temple, get on the ball fast and snap the ball. We caught them off-guard tonight and that was one of the big reasons why it worked.

Lehigh head coach Andy Coen...

On the game: Obviously this wasn't the type of night we wanted to leave here with. We knew we were playing a good football team and certainly Villanova didn't disappoint us in that regard.

On Lehigh: I do think our team improved over last week and that was a big part of our goals throughout the week leading up to the game. I am positive about that but you play to win the game and we didn't win the game so you we can't feel great about what happened. I think we did improve and we have a by week this week. We had a lot of kids injured coming into this game, either out or playing hurt and the defense battled all night against a really good offense.

On the Lehigh defense: Defensively we were able to come up with some big stops at certain points in the game. We held them to no points right before the half and earlier held them to a field goal after a long run. The first defensive series after halftime wasn't what we were looking for. Obviously there is a lot to work on but I think we did get better tonight.