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Villanova/Temple Post-Game Quotes

Sept. 3, 2010

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova head coach Andy Talley...

Opening statement: I think that Philadelphia can be proud of the game that both teams played. Temple was exactly what we thought they would be, very big and a very good football team. We played as hard as we could and we had chances; we had opportunities to win the game and it just slipped away at the end. Their kicker was outstanding. He did a great job.

On Villanova: We played as well as we could at this point in the season. We had some kids banged up during the course of the game. When you play a Division I team you are playing fewer kids that really can play, while they are playing a little more. I was concerned about the heat going in and that affected us a little bit. Last year it was a cooler night but we started to cramp up a little bit towards the end.

On the outcome of the game: There are no excuses. It was a fantastic game and it could have gone either way. I am happy for Al Golden. He has done a great job there. I am impressed with them and they have a great future. I can't say enough about Temple but then again I can't say enough about Villanova. I told the guys I have never been more proud of a Villanova team. We can go far as a team this year and I am excited and happy about that.

On what the game means to Philadelphia fans: The people of Philadelphia should really embrace college football in the area, especially when you have two teams who can put on a game like the one they got to see tonight. This game was tremendous for the people who came to the game and it was great for both programs and for college football in general.

On momentum in the game: I think we played better than they did in the first half. I think we dominated for parts of the first half. In the second half we left the game open to be won by either us or by them and they were the ones who won it.



On Villanova's defense: I think we did everything we needed to do in order to win from a defensive standpoint. The team did exactly what we asked of them, which was the same thing we asked of them last year. We asked the team to keep us close going into the fourth quarter. Last year we did that and won. Tonight we did that and Temple won.

Senior wide receiver Matt Szczur...

On playing in this game: It is an awesome feeling to play at the Linc. There was an incredible atmosphere tonight and I think this was the biggest crowd we have played in front of. Losing is a terrible feeling though, and I'm not used to losing with this team at all. Kudos to Temple, because they played an awesome game. We caught a bad break at the end and I felt like it was kind of the opposite of last year. Last year Temple caught a bad break and we hit a field goal. Tonight we caught a bad break and they made the field goal. It was awesome to be able to play here at the Linc, especially against a Philly rival.

Senior linebacker Marquis Kirkland...

On playing in this game: Like Matt said, it was really great to play in front of so many thousands of fans. It was a tough loss but we will rebound and get back out there.

Senior quarterback Chris Whitney...

On playing in this game: It was a great game for Philly. Both teams have a lot of local guys so this was big for us, to have so many of our family and friends at the game. Temple played well in the second half and offensively we just didn't get it done. We kept our defense on the field for too long [in the second half]."

Temple head coach Al Golden...

On beating Villanova: People are going to wake up tomorrow and say that we beat an FCS team. That is not true. We beat champions and that is very difficult to do. Champions will never go away. They keep on coming back time after time and you have to knock them out. That is not an easy thing to do. I'll say it again. Villanova has so many veterans who have done nothing but win in their careers and that is a group that is very hard to beat.

On playing this game: I give so much credit to Villanova tonight but I give more credit to the courage of both of these teams for playing the game in the first place. There are so many people that say not to play this game but both teams had the courage to stand up and say that this is a game which should be played. This is the second year of the Mayor's Cup game and I think it will only get better. A lot of people are talking about it and that's good for the game only being in the second year.