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2007-08 Villanova Men's Basketball Media Guide

Nov. 5, 2007

The 2007-08 Villanova Men's Basketball Media Guide was written, edited and designed by Mike Sheridan. Life After Basketball compiled by Mary Anne Gabuzda, Men's Basketball Secretary. Editorial assistance from: Dean Kenefick, David Berman, Vanessa Pizzulli and Sean Forrester.

Photography by: Jerry Millevoi, Aurora Imaging Company (Enrique Mendoza), Al Elia, Tom MaGuire, Paul Crane, Jules Schick Studios, Tomasso DeRosa, Chris Hampson, Basketball Hall of Fame, NBA Entertainment/Getty Images, Philadelphia Phillies.

Production assistance: Jai Giffin, Jamie Barker and Bob Slater (Provations Group). Cover design and printing by Provations Group.

Pages 1-12 (Introduction)
Pages 13-16 (Season Preview)
Pages 17-30 (Coaching Staff)
Pages 31-76 (Player Bios)
Pages 77-92 (Villanova Experience)
Pages 93-102 (Opponent Section)
Pages 103-118 (Year in Review)
Pages 119-158 (History)
Pages 159-170 (Tournaments)
Pages 171-182 (Records)
Pages 183-204 (Villanova Today)
Pages 205-208 (Miscellaneous)