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Villanova Cited by NCAA for Rules Violation

July 8, 2004

VILLANOVA, Pa. - The Villanova University men's basketball program has been cited for a major rules infraction as a result of secondary infractions, the National Collegiate Athletic Association announced today. This outcome is the result of a joint review between the NCAA and Villanova that began in 2002. The review found no ethical conduct violations on the part of the staff and no lack of institutional control.

A two-year probationary period begins on the date of this announcement. In addition, a series of corrective measures and penalties, which were recommended by the University, have been accepted by the NCAA. This penalty does not include the forfeiture of any scholarships or impact postseason or national television opportunities. In addition, this does not affect the eligibility of any student-athlete.

"Integrity and a commitment to NCAA compliance have been guiding principles throughout Villanova's long history and will continue to be in the future," stated Villanova president Rev. Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A. "We are therefore disappointed to find ourselves in a circumstance where the NCAA has cited the University for a penalty due to secondary violations. The University has taken the appropriate corrective steps to insure that these types of inadvertent mistakes are not repeated. We have great confidence in the people and values of Villanova University."

"While today's ruling is humbling, we were pleased to learn that the NCAA found there were no ethical conduct violations, and no institutional control citations," stated director of athletics Vince Nicastro. "We emphasize that these findings, in what was an exhaustive review, indicate that our systems, standards and staff are guided by the kind of integrity that defines Villanova. We remain confident in the values and leadership of Jay Wright and the men's basketball coaching staff."

"I take responsibility for our program," said head men's basketball coach Jay Wright. "We take the Villanova tradition and the integrity of Villanova very seriously. This was a case where our basketball staff acted ethically and with the correct intentions. We are going to do a better job in the future. Our basketball program will be stronger in the future for having gone through this."