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Quotes from Head Coach Jay Wright on the Teams' NBA Draft Announcements
May 30, 2018

Head Coach Jay Wright

On what kind of challenge is presented by losing four of the teams’ top six players from last season,

“We’re going to have a lot of work to do. It’s bound to happen some year and we had been very fortunate in the past where guys had decided to stay. It turned out that this was the best move for all of these guys and we’re so happy for them but now it’s time to build it up again, which is exciting.”


On the advice he was giving Donte (DiVincenzo) and Omari (Spellman),

“If you have a chance, at that young of an age, to be a first round pick then that’s a good time to go. From the information we were getting for both of them, having high-level opportunities to be first round picks, you have to play the percentages.”


On how he weighs their hopes and dreams versus the hit that it takes to next year’s team,

“We were a little bit prepared for it (next year) but most importantly you weigh toward their hopes and dreams. You just want them to make a smart decision. I think both Omari and Donte did a great job of listening to the information NBA teams were giving us, and they were giving us very positive information, and it kept improving throughout the process. When they had to make a decision by today, their prospects were improving incrementally and that will only continue to improve because they will be able to go to more workouts for teams. Every time they had a workout their stock improved and I think that will continue.”


On next year’s team and being open to graduate transfer players,

“Yeah, we’re open to everything right now. We had an idea we might lose at least one of them so we started looking at grad transfers a little bit. Once they both made their decision we had to change our thinking a little bit. So yes, we’re definitely in the market.”




On the challenges of next season,

“We really have two proven players returning in Phil (Booth) and Eric (Paschall). That leaves us with a lot of young guys that get to prove themselves. That’s just what a young team is; you’d rather have the guys back but it’s exciting. We’ve had four or five years in a row that we knew we had a good team coming back and you knew who the guys were and that you just had to get them to be the best they could be. Now, we have a lot of question marks and it gives us a different type of coaching. It’s exciting and it’s going to be a challenge.”