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Postgame Quotes

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Villanova head coach Jay Wright

On the game:
"Each game we have played we have gotten a little bit better. I have been pretty pleased about how we played in practice, and I thought that tonight we would come in and really play well. But give Albany some credit. They came in and really made shots. They are a nice team. (Jamar) Wilson is very good and (Lucious) Jordan was good, and the freshman Wilson really shot the ball well. Once again, though, we were sloppy with the ball. We had times where we made some runs but then had lapses. Overall I wasn't entirely pleased, but we just have to keep pushing on and go for the next game."

On the layoff between games:
"It plays a bit of a part, but by the time you are a junior or senior it really shouldn't. I think our guys are mature enough and have been around and should know better. We've had good practices. But Albany deserves credit, too. They are a really tough team and they drilled some shots. Will (Brown) does a great job with that team. But our turnovers and when we gave up some 3's in a row, that's just not playing hard. We gave up too many uncontested shots."

On the defense:
"I have confidence in the team and their ability to defend. What bothers me is if there would be any lack of respect for an opponent or us looking ahead to going home. Good teams don't do that, and we have great respect for all of the teams that we play. Albany deserves a lot of respect, but for some reason we didn't bring the intensity tonight that we have in every other game."

Junior guard Randy Foye

"I think we came out a little sluggish, but that's about it. I don't know why we started like that, but then we picked it up in the second half. A lot of their 3's hit off the rim and the backboard and then went in, and with 4-5 minutes left they were in the game. In the second half we were getting the same looks but were hitting the shots we struggled with. I feel good about where we are, but I think we can get a lot better."



Allan Ray

"Coach said coming into the game that Albany would be a tough opponent, and they came out with a lot of confidence in their game. The whole team made some shots at the beginning of the game and that really got their confidence going."