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Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 11, 2012

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Saint Joseph’s Head Coach Phil Martelli:

“The game is always in the numbers. It doesn’t change. Pick any number you want: 47 shots to 61 shots, 18 turnovers with a veteran group, 15 offensive rebounds allowed, and 68% from the foul line. It’s just a numbers game. I just talked to them about the turnovers in our last two games versus Creighton and Coppin; we had more turnovers than assists. We have too many skilled players for that to be the case.  And not only the turnovers, but some of the decisions, like lobbing when it just wasn’t there. And on me to figure out we’re trying to get something off of our bench like that’s the case Yacoubou (Achraf Yacoubou) had a big game [for them] against Penn, he had a nice stretch only, 16 minutes, but a nice stretch for them. End of the semester, that was the final exam for the first semester, and we give ourselves a failure for that and take the test next, the real test starting tomorrow.”

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright:

Opening statement:

“We think about our La Salle game, this is so much fun to be in these games. I said it to you after the La Salle game; I mean it’s a great game, a great energy. St. Joe’s, we give them a lot of credit in this environment to just hang and just battle. Sometimes what makes you good is just playing against a great opponent. You learn from a great opponent and I just thought they had a lot of guts and they wouldn’t go away. It is a very good win for us, a very good win and I think we learned a lot in this game.”

On James Bell hitting the key three:

“I think this is the third time he’s done that this year. I can’t remember the games, but I know that he has done it a lot already. The kid’s got guts, he really does and he does all the little things for our team, he’s a leader for our team, a lot of guts and I do love having him on our side.”

On how badly Villanova needed the win over Saint Joseph’s:

“I really spent a lot of time talking with the guys we got to look at this as the next game.  We have so much to learn. I thought we made some progress after the Temple game, playing Penn I didn’t want to lose it. I just think St. Joe’s is really good and I think they were capable of coming in here and taking a lot of shots and beating us, definitely. And we have to keep a different progression. I know fans want it and fans deserve it, but it’s a progression we have to keep getting better and better and better. We didn’t really look at it that way. When it was over, yes it was a nice win, but we will learn a lot from it.”

On what the win means for the team:

“We have a lot of work to do. We can’t get too high or low after games this early season. We got to keep getting better. I do think we got a lot better tonight that’s what I’m excited about. 13 turnovers for those guys, some of you are lucky you didn’t get hit on the sidelines with some of our passes… For us, 13 turnovers we’re really happy.”

On his first-half technical foul:

“Sometimes in a game you see two fouls not called against you, then the next foul you do the same thing and they call a foul and that sets you off. That’s what it was. Those guys are all good refs, they all do a great job, they know. They know I’m nuts.”

On Villanova’s performance offensively:

 “I thought our forwards did a good job getting each other the ball. I thought it took some pressure off. Their guards are quick and they got in our guards and people do that we have to take the isolations in the post and I thought we did a good job of that.”

Junior guard James Bell:

On his final three-point shot:

“Coach called the play in the huddle and I was actually the last look on the play and he puts me in great position to do as best… I was 2-for-6 so it was no thought, just had to turn and step up.”

On how he felt after making the three-point shot:

“It’s a big feeling, but like Coach already said, highs can’t be too highs and lows can’t be too low. We had to get a stop on the other end and I was worried about getting back.”

Sophomore forward JayVaughn Pinkston:

On why tonight’s win was big for the team:

“It was a big victory because we showed each other that we could come together and play great defense and we struggled a little bit, but at the end, we did what we had to do. We use the word ‘attitude’ and we got the job done.”

Jay Wright on Villanova’s defensive performance:

“Same situation in the La Salle game. We didn’t execute defensively, we made a mistake, and they made a great play. We talked about that, but you got to go do it in a game, so for us, that’s big. If you’re a team that’s coming off a 25 win season and you do that, you expect that. For us right now, that was important for us, that’s part of our building process. You got to do it and you have to get it done. And in that situation there were a lot of little things the guys did there… communicating on screens, it was really important and really good execution on their part.”