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Dec. 3, 2005

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Head Coach Jay Wright On the game "That was a just a fun college basketball game, they are really good. We gave them everything we had, we gave them every defense we had. We just couldn't stop them I think we just outscored them. Sometimes when they made some of those twos, we were happy because we were afraid they would get the offensive rebound and kick it out for a three. They're just very, very good. To come into this building and play like they did, we're very impressed. We have seniors, I think that's the difference. I think we have these three seniors and Chris Charles came in there in the first half, he's a senior. I think that made a big difference, there is just a confidence level we have. We didn't play a good first half for us but I think there is a confidence level they have that they are not going to panic, they'll just stick with what they do and what they believe in. I was very proud of them for that as much as beating a good team."

On the Villanova frontcourt "Everyone talks about the guards and I talk about them just because that's what people ask me about but in our locker room we know what our forwards do. It's Jason (Fraser). Jason does all of the dirty work. He blocks the shots, he rebounds, he holds down the back of the press. We all know that, but we don't talk about it until someone asks us. The players know that."

On the tempo of the game "They did a great job of attacking our press, but with the consistency of it we got some turnovers in there and even a blocked shot all in that series. We also had some easy baskets. They were a great halfcourt defensive team as you saw, so it was tough for us in the sets to score since they're so physical and athletic. We got easy ones and even got a three and a three point free throw when we were fouled on a three during our run. We forced some turnovers and long rebounds and were able to run."



On Randy Foye "I would have never known he had 32 points because I look at all of the other things he does. He does so much for our team. He plays power forward, he started the game on (Kevin) Bookout. So those are the things that impress me and his leadership. For 32 points, I know we like to have the ball in his hands at the end of the game. He's made big plays. He just a great leader and I think he is one of the best players in the country."

On the atmosphere "This is as good a college basketball atmosphere as you are going to find in the country. It starts with the students and this is a very difficult place to play. Our guys love to play here and we feel like we have an advantage in here. It's hot, there are people on top of you and they're loud. It's just a great place to play college basketball. I've always thoughts its one of the best. I don't know if there's anywhere in the country with a wall of human beings like that behind one basket that can create that noise. We love it."

Jason Fraser On his game "I approach every game just willing to put out what the team needs or whatever they call on me to do. It's not so much for myself because it doesn't matter if I have a great game but we end up losing. It's important to get the win and play hard to get what the team needs. Rebounding, defense, score a few baskets whatever it is."

On Oklahoma "They have great guards, Neal is a great shooter. Godbold is a great athlete, he's a shooter and he can go inside as well. Yes they have a good inside but I believe their leading scorer is a guard. You've got to approach each game the same because once you start letting other things come into your mind, they take you off your team game plan and disrupts your focus and you end up losing."

Allan Ray "It was a good win for us. It was our first tough game of the year. In the first half we were a little rattled and they started to make a run but that shows how much we play as a team. We kept our composure and came right back. We played hard every possession. I think this is a great test for us, this being out first big game. To see how we came out in the end, it was a great outcome."

Randy Foye "We talked before the game and the coaches told us to throw them (rankings) out the window because number four and number five doesn't matter. It was Villanova basketball against Oklahoma basketball and whoever came to play would come out with a victory."

Oklahoma Coach Kelvin Sampson "Collectively, they (Villanova) may be the best group of guards that we've played against. A lot of guards are one-dimensional, if Foye played in a one-on-one contest and they said you can't shoot three's he may win that. If they said you have to shoot three's, he may win that too. They're good guards. I've seen Villanova play enough to know how good they were. Foye is outstanding but in the next game it may be Ray that gets 25 and Foye may get ten. Lowry has really improved, I saw him get 18 last year against North Carolina so we knew how good he was. Nardi is solid. They're all good, I thought the free throw shooting was good but I was proud of my guys for hanging in there. We felt when we had a ten point lead in the first half, we had some mindless turnovers in the last two or three minutes and all of a sudden instead of being up six or seven at half, it's a tie game. In the second half we tried to attack up the court more to get the ball to Bookout and Gray versus the press. It took us a while to get the right mix in there that could do that. I leave here encouraged, I'm not discouraged. We could have played someone in Norman tonight and won by 30 but we would have not known anything about the team. Playing this game was good for us. In this environment, that student group at the baseline, with that group of guards, with four minutes to go it's a five point game. We make a shot, we've got a chance to cut it to three or four so we hung in there as long as we could but hats off to Villanova. They're really good and my hats off to Coach Wright. Jay does a great job of playing around what he doesn't have. Sometimes as coaches we talk about what we don't have and you forget to say, who has better guards that Villanova? Maybe they are better off playing the four guards. You've got to sit somebody down and if their base can shoot free throws like they do then that's a positive. They're active, I saw Jason Fraser play in high school. He's hung in there."