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Villanova 84, Lehigh 47 - Postgame Quotes

Nov. 27, 2005

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Head Coach Jay Wright

On the game
"I just heard about the three pointers and obviously that is a great accomplishment for Allan and our team, we have a good shooting team. I think Billy was smart and played a zone. They didn't want to get out and extend the floor, I'm sure they were trying to control the tempo. They're a pretty good team and I'm happy with the way we played obviously Allan and Randy, these two guys are great leaders and getting the team ready to play every night and play every possession. We've done it for two nights and just have to do it every night we've got to prove ourselves, Wednesday night we've got to do it again."

On having only six turnovers
"I said at one point at half time I think we had four, so two in the second half was great especially when you're playing a lot of young guys at the end and that's why I think we are doing a great job. Those guys are coming in and getting to play maybe six or seven minutes and playing pretty solid so I feel good about that."

On three point shooting
"We want to shoot threes, we have great confidence in Allan, Mike and Randy especially, even other guys can shoot them but those three are pretty deadly. With the loss of Curt, I think that's one of the things we all talked about, Mike Nardi we always knew had the ability but we would hold him off because we wanted Allan, Randy and Curt to get them Now it's Mike just stepping up doing what we knew he could do."

Allan Ray
"I forgot who swung it to me but I was in the corner and got a wide open shot. Usually when I get a wide open shot in the beginning, it pretty much gets me into a little rhythm. I don't really think I was in a rhythm because I would make one and then miss three, make another one and miss more. My teammates had the confidence in me to shoot and coach definitely has the confidence so I just kept shooting."



"We shoot extra and even step beyond the three point line because there will be times when a lot of teams will play right on that three point line and you still should be able to get a shot off so I think with us taking extra shots and having practice with that, it gives us confidence."

Randy Foye
"Me being at the four spot, I'm pretty much undersized so I think for us to be effective on the defensive end all of us have to wreak havoc on the perimeter to help us out and we still have to stay on the perimeter but also go in and rebound against the big guys."