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Villanova/Delaware Postgame Quotes

Nov. 22, 2013

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Villanova head coach Jay Wright...

Opening statement: "We got to give Delaware a lot of credit, they played great. I thought (Jarvis) Threatt just controlled the game. Even in the first half, he shot one for 10 but we couldn't do anything with him in the press and when they got in half-court offense, he just got everybody shots. Usher hit some big shots and so did Anderson but Threatt was a handful. Baptiste was good early because we we were worried about Threatt and didn't want to leave him. I think they did a great job. We did not play well but we've got to give the credit to Delaware. I was proud that we gutted it out. Both of these guys (JayVaughn Pinkston and Darrun Hilliard) made some big time plays."

On finding a way despite not playing your best: "It's early in the season and Delaware played their best against us than anyone did. You're still thinking about your team and how good are you or did they just play really well. I think they are a really good team but we have some veterans. These guys have been in some big games and both these guys (Pinkston and Hilliard) stepped it up down the stretch."

On his team's inside game: "It was big. I thought Daniel Ochefu was great even though he had six points but 11 rebounds. He just did a lot of good things. I thought he was really good. JayVaughn of course was a beast inside. When you have an inside game like that and you're not shooting the ball well, that's our second game right now, 5-25 from three and we're finding ways to win. I think a lot of that is because of our rebounding and our inside game."

On the importance of winning close games: "It really is important now that it's over. You'd rather play great but I want to give Delaware credit. It's good when you don't shoot the ball well (to get a win). I thought Monte did a great job mixing in defenses, they went zone for a while and we got wide open threes and we missed them. So on those nights you've got to find a way to win."

On shutting down Baptiste in the second-half: "We didn't change anything, we just started doing what we were supposed to do in the first-half, that we didn't do. Once they hit a couple of threes, our guys were afraid to leave their man and go attack him in the post. That wasn't my call, they kind of came up with their own game plan, which was smart basketball but it's not what their teammates were expecting them to do. In the second-half I thought our guards left their man a little bit and helped on him."

Junior forward JayVaughn Pinkston...

On starting slow: "Coach just told me to rebound and everything will take care of itself. Play defense, get stops and if I can get the rebound and push (do it), and be on the attack at all times."

On needing to takeover: "It's a matter of what we need on any given night. Whatever we need, I think I could do and bring to the table. If coach needs me to play defense, that's what I am going to do. If he needs me to score, that's what I am going to have to do."

Junior guard Darrun Hilliard...

On the team's inside play: "We know that JayVaughn is a dominant force inside and other teams expect that. But we also know we have confidence in Daniel, Kris and Darryl when they come into the game. It is a confidence booster for the guards to know that if we throw it in there, the bigs will do something with it."

On how a win like this helps the team prepare for the Bahamas: "It kind of woke us up. The last few games were pretty good wins and we were kind of due for a gut check. Delaware is a tough team and we're a tough team also. We just kept battling. These are the kind of games we talk about, shots aren't falling, things aren't going our way and we just scrap and get the win at home."


Head Coach Monte Ross...

Opening statement: "I thought it was a very entertaining game for 40 minutes. I told our guys, I was extremely proud of them for laying it all out on the line. I thought they brought a lot of good energy. I don't think it's a secret that we can score the basketball, and we were able to score against what I consider a very good Villanova defensive team. I thought that there were a couple times during the game where we blinked and we let them go on a little bit of a run. A lot of [Villanova] going on that run was them, and congratulations to them. Jay has a really good ball club."

On Villanova: "When you have a guy like Pinkston, who is undersized but such a physical force in there, and Darrun Hilliard, those guys have been through wars. They understand when their team needs them to make a play, and I thought they did that. In those situations, I thought our guys were able to bounce back. That was a big thing that we always talk to our guys about, is recovering when other team's make runs."

On the Delaware-Villanova matchup: "I told them in shoot around today, my biggest concern was before the Richmond game. I didn't know what team we were going to have. But what I've seen from them over the first four games, leading into this game, I told them that we are ready to come here and win the game. We weren't always ready to do that, the last few years that we've come, but I told them we were ready to go and win the game. I told them to get us to the last four minutes, and if it's tied or if it's close, it's up to me to pull us through. They did that. ... I told them, I wasn't able to pull us through, but I was proud as heck of them for getting us to that point."

Senior Guard Davon Usher...

On the loss: "Coming into this game, we felt like we could play any team in the country. We have a lot of tough guys on our team. We came in this game expecting to win. People look at us as underdogs, but we embrace that. We do what we need to do on our end, take care of business, and just go in trying to get a win. We're disappointed we lost, but it's one game. We have plenty more to go."

Junior Guard Jarvis Threatt...

On playing Villanova: "I believe, each guy on our team, we don't shy away from anyone. The confidence was already here. In the first half, we knew they were going to make their runs and the crowd would be into it. We just wanted to stay poised and keep cracking away at the lead."