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Villanova vs. Columbia Post-game Quotes

Nov. 20, 2012

Box Score

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

"A great performance by Columbia... they were outstanding. We knew going into the game this was not a team you wanted to get behind on.  We watched their game against Furman, and they jumped on Furman (Furman University) early.  Everything Furman did they just moved the ball, moved the ball, made free throws and drilled threes and we got ourselves into that position.  Mid-way through the second half you get down 9 and 10 on these guys, they're going to hold the clock and run the clock down and they just did a great job.  Our turnovers and missed free throws early just killed us. It's hard to come from behind when you're down 10 against a team like that."

Coach Wright on Columbia's 11 three-point shots:

"You know they do that and they get you scrambling... they're good at that. The way they got those three's is they really passed the ball well.  You know, every rotation you make, they make an extra pass. They shot the ball great from three that was a big difference in game and we couldn't make a three."

Coach Wright on the toughness on getting inside their zone:

"We go it inside, it was tougher to finish. We got it inside a lot.  Mouph (Mouphtaou Yarou) got seven shots and Bell (James Bell) got 11 he got shots in there. Mo Sutton (Maurice Sutton) was really the only one that could do anything in there. Their big guy Cisco (Mark Cisco) in the middle of the zone, he only had four points, but he did a good job and so did Osetkowski (Cory Osetkowski) they were tough in there."

Coach Wright on what work there is to be done:



"It's never as bad as it seems, but I wouldn't say I expected this at all, but you know it's always possible when you turn the ball over and you don't make free throws. We've had some games where we've done that and turned the ball over a lot and when you do that and don't make free throws you can lose to a good team."

Coach Wright on getting the ball inside Columbia's zone:

"We go it inside to Mouph (Mouphtaou Yarou) and we got it inside to Pinkston (JayVaughn Pinkston) and we weren't really getting much out. We were getting it inside to Pinkston early and then we were missing free throws. We weren't getting much out of it.  To start the game we had so many possessions where we got it inside, got fouled, missed a free throw... got it inside and turned it over. That's how we started the game and you just can't do that against a team like this that can pass the ball, make free throws and make three's.  Because eventually they are going to make a little run and when they're shooting those free throws and those three's up 10, or up 8, there's a lot less pressure on them."

Coach Wright on Columbia's zone defense:

"They're zone. They did a really good job in the zone. I thought if we got the ball inside, then I thought we could exploit it a little more and I was surprised we couldn't finish inside more."

Coach Wright on Villanova's defensive efforts:

"We're not doing a good job of containing the ball. They're beating us off the dribble. We help, but with teams that pass the ball well, it's not the initial guy that beats you, it's the pass and then the next pass and that's what they did a great job of.  And when they beat us, they kicked it out, we rotate it to that one, we rotated to the next one and then they added an extra person and we didn't come out of those rotations well. But it starts with getting beat the first time."

Junior guard James Bell on Villanova's defense:

"When we stepped late it caused us some trouble.  And it's tough when you miss a rotation, and you get to the next one, you're a step behind because you missed the first rotation you have to do a better job getting to the ball."

Coach Wright on freshman guard Ryan Arcidiacono:

"He's doing a great job for us. He's running the show and he's learning every night. He's had some great nights and some great learning experiences and this is another one. He had one against Alabama and he had one tonight playing against a zone, but he always takes it the right way and he's very open to learning and getting better... I think he's going to be a hell of a player."

Coach Wright on Arcidiacono's comeback after back surgery last year:

"He's a tough kid and he's a tough-minded kid and he's a talented kid. It didn't surprise me that he fought the kink to come back but it surprised me how well he played when he got back. And this is a learning experience that freshmen go through and I know he'll learn a lot from it."

Ryan Arcidiacono on Villanova's offensive versus Columbia:

"In the first half, I thought we got a little flow going of getting it inside, but like Coach said, we just got where we wanted and we weren't making free throws and we were turning it over.  I thought we did an ok job getting the ball to the top in the middle of the lane, but like Coach said we just turned it over from there."

Ryan Arcidiacono on whether his index finger injury had an effect on his shooting tonight:

"No, I just missed shots. They just weren't falling down for me so I have no excuse.  I had shot in warm-ups and I had shot with it today on and it's nothing major, it's just a cut and my shot wasn't falling."