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Villanova/Towson Postgame Quotes

Nov. 17, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Jay Wright
Opening statement:
"We played well. I told Pat [Skerry] after, we've all been there. [Jerome] Hairston gets three fouls in the first half and they lose their point guard and our press was effective. That got us out to a big lead at halftime and I think that was a big difference in the game. They've got a really good team. The one thing is the depth in the point guard slot. When [Hairston] got three fouls, I thought that was huge. These are our leaders and I thought we did a great job keeping the concentration on the game, which is not easy to do when you're 18 and 22 years old. I was really proud of that."

On defending Towson:
"When they get into their half-court set, which we saw them do against Temple, they're really good. We didn't want them to build into that half-court set because then you have to deal with him and it's hard. We were ready to trap, we were ready to do everything, but we thought if the press was effective, we wouldn't have to do that as much. Once Hairston got in foul trouble, we just decided to stay with it."

On senior guard James Bell:
"He's a Villanova senior, and if you've been at this school and in this program for four years, whether I'm the coach, Steve Lappas, Coach Massimo - seniors in this program are ready to be leaders and great players. It's part of being on this campus for four years. That's what he is. He's not worried about scoring at all and that's when he scores. If you're a good player and you just worry about playing the right way, you score. He's a good player and he plays the right way."

On sophomore forward Daniel Ochefu:
"We finally played against some guys his size. The last two games - it's so hard for those guys when you're playing mid-major teams. Those guys have big bodies, more like a BIG EAST team. It's hard for those guys because you're chasing people around the perimeter. When you play these guys, you're around the basket. I was trying to explain that to him; one game he played nine minutes. You play around the perimeter, you get fouled. You set a screen, you get a foul. This was more his kind of game. I was happy for him. It was almost worse for Towson because playing against a bigger team is better for him."



Senior Guard James Bell
On his season so far: "I understand situations and what we're doing better. Like Coach said, I've been here for four years and my understanding of the game is getting better. My teammates have put me in a good position to be better."

On Towson: "They're a good team. We just wanted to come out and play harder. We got out to a good start doing what we do. It starts on defense and rebounding and then our rebounding led to easy buckets. That's what we needed to do and we just continued that way."

Sophomore Guard Ryan Arcidiacono
On playing press: "As a team, we're just trying to play hard. In the press, we had it going. Darrell [Reynolds] played well in the top of the zone in the press, but we're faking and denying and we got them to pick up the dribble a couple times. We were excited for how that was going and we played well off of that. We used that defense to transition into easy offense and we got some buckets that way."