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Villanova/Mount St. Mary's Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 13, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova head coach Jay Wright...

Opening statement: I thought we played well tonight. I think Mount St. Mary's is a much better team than that score indicates. We've watched film on them and there a team that's going to be good. We just played well and I was really pleased with how we played. We still have work to do but we defended the three pretty well for us. Probably, a great three point defensive team wouldn't be as happy with that (performance) but for where we've been, we got a lot better from last game. I thought we got great leadership from Ryan and these two on the wings (Tony Chennault and Josh Hart), hand on the ball and hand on the pressure did a great job.

On Tony Chennault's play: Tony had a great game. He also got six stitches last night on his lip and he was playing fearlessly. I was really psyched he played that hard, having just got the stitches. He's just so solid with the ball. He's playing like a senior point guard and he's controlling the ball, controlling the game against their pressure right away. As soon as he got in there, he broke their pressure and got people shots. Defensively, he's great on the ball so he's giving us a lot and it's valuable to have a guy like that.

On Josh Hart's play: He's just getting better every day. He had a little setback for a few weeks with a concussion while he was playing great. He was out for about two and a half weeks and as he came back it was kind of like he was starting over again but he was getting better every day and I think that's what we're seeing here. I thought he really handled the ball well against pressure. We needed a guy and these two guys (Josh Hart and Darrun Hilliard) did, that could beat there pressure and still finish at the rim. Defensively, on the glass he did a great job as well.



On why Tony Chennault needed stitches: He got caught with an elbow in practice yesterday. We've had good practices since Lafayette and you could see the way they were playing, we were going to play well tonight. It was a short practice yesterday but intense.

Freshman guard Josh Hart...

On his concussion: I think it (concussion) set me back a little but our coaching staff and players kept picking me up. The first week was kind of tough getting back into things but after with everyone picking me up it got a lot easier.

On tonight's performance: I always have room to improve. My teammates did a great job and when we have shooters like that it definitely opens the floor. The energy that they (teammates) bring really motivated me and also the team. I'm definitely happy with it (performance) right now.

Junior guard Darrun Hilliard...

On what turned the game around early in the first half: Nothing really (got us going). We just missed a couple of shots and a couple of calls didn't go our way but if you go back and look we were all in together, playing as hard as we can. Shots just weren't falling for us but that's going to happen. We weren't really worried about the score, we just knew that we're going to give them 40 minutes of Villanova basketball and that's what we did.