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Villanova/Lafayette Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 9, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova head coach Jay Wright...

Opening statement: After a game like that is over and you win, that's a great game to start with. You really get tested. They are a very well coached team and a very good team. We were not surprised at all when we watched film of them in the championship game against Bucknell. That's just a really good team. I think Fran O'Hanlon is one of the best coaches in college basketball. When he has guys for three years and most of them are going to come back again next year, that team is going to be really good this year and next year because they run that system and got it down. I thought the freshman point guard, Nick Linder, from Germantown Academy did a really good job controlling the game. It was a good challenge for us. Those teams are tough to play and I'm proud of our guys for staying disciplined defensively down the stretch to get some stops.

On wearing Lafayette down: I think that's what it was. We just had bigger athletes and it does wear you down. Man, there good and it's impressive to watch them execute. When you have a point guard like that, pressing them doesn't really help because when you have someone as quick as Linder it just opens the floor and that's what they want. They get open threes that they drilled them when we pressed.

On Arcidiacono's struggles due to injury: No excuses. He was healthy I think tonight but he just hasn't played since last Thursday. He practiced a little bit but didn't fully go.

On the momentum shifting Villanova's way: I never felt like there was a momentum shift because I felt like they just hung in. They had a lead and I thought they just wore down. There a tough team to play behind against. Maybe at the two minute mark and were up around seven or eight, then I felt okay.

On JayVaughn's presence inside: We wanted to get the ball inside in the first half and didn't. We shot 3-18 from three in the first half and in the second half we just got the ball inside. That was the difference and I thought JayVaughn was great. Not just scoring (inside) but always presenting himself and making himself available and making good decisions in there. JayVaughn had only one turnover and he got the ball inside in the middle of that zone getting doubled a lot and turned the ball over only once. That was big time.



On Josh Hart: I loved his ability to get to the offensive glass and I loved his defense. He was the kind of a guy when you play a team like that and you get caught switching and have to guard different positions, he did a great job with that.

Senior guard James Bell...

On coming out aggressive looking to score: I got open shots and I made them. My teammates and coach put me in good position and I just made my shots.

Redshirt Junior forward JayVaughn Pinkston...

On his team's experience playing a factor tonight: We got a year under our belt playing together and we're just comfortable. We know in certain situations what to do and we're not always looking at coach. We know how to fight in situations like that and we know what we can control and are going to play our hardest and hope that's good enough.

On asserting himself inside the paint: Coach just told me to keep playing defensive and rebounding. So I stuck with it and I was in the right spot at the right time.

Lafayette head coach Fran O'Hanlon...

Opening statement: I just thought we got worn down. In the second half, we couldn't contain them as well and they hurt us on the boards. We were in foul trouble so we were trying to play a little offense and defense. At the end of the game they just started getting accustomed to our zone and started to figure it out and went at us and we put them on the foul line a lot too.

On Nick Linder's first game playing point guard: I thought he put himself pretty well and I expected that for his first game. He played with a lot of poise and he still has some things to learn but I liked how he showed himself for the first time, especially coming down here in his back yard in front of family and friends. On Nathaniel Musters: Nate did a good job for us. Dan got in foul trouble right from the start and we went to Nate. I thought Nate had a couple of big rebounds, brought us some energy and ran the floor well. Obviously, he's a b,big body and we needed that to combat Villanova.

Junior guard Seth Hinrichs...

On Villanova's second half comeback: I think it was a combination of us and Villanova. I think they stepped up on defense and really stopped our penetration and our gap and kick game. Offensively, they really attacked the zone and they got a lot of easy buckets in there. They knew we were in foul trouble so none of us wanted to give up a foul and be taken out of the game and that kind of played into it.