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Villanova vs. UDC Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 9, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening statement:

"You know what good start and they got a really scrappy team. Although the first half, we started great and then relaxed a little bit. And they were very scrappy. I thought they had some good shooters and I think our defense kind of wore them down. You know, we had a good stretch of defense there, we were on a run. And we have a lot of work to do, but we'll take it for a first game, we'll take it."

Coach Wright on Villanova's performance tonight:

"I thought Mo (Maurice Sutton) did a great job for us off the bench, I thought Ash Yocoubou (Achraf Yacoubou) did a great job for us off the bench. I like the way we started and that's important, you have come out with intensity. I liked the way we started the second half, so we still have a lot of work to do."

Coach Wright on UDC closing the lead Villanova had early in the first half and if that was a good experience for the team:

"You make it good if it happens because you don't have a choice, but you don't want to be in that situation. But it never hurts, you know, every experience we go through with this team is going to be good for us. I do like the way we responded to that. I thought a couple of those plays, I thought we started well in the second half, we had a couple of loose balls and turnovers, but you know, I'll take it for the first game, I'll take it."

Coach Wright on Ryan Arcidiacono's performance tonight:

"No surprise.  He's been great all preseason, he's been great since the day he walked on campus. I think he has a lot more in him and he's going to keep getting better. He's a leader, I didn't even look at his numbers to be honest, but just a good floor game and I think we'll see a lot better from him."



Ryan Arcidiacono on his confidence playing at this level:

"I've been here all summer, preseason, everything working out with the guys and I think I can do that.  A couple of my shots fell down early, I got Mouph (Mouphtaou Yarou) a pass down low and we got out to a quick lead, but then they came back and started to play a little bit better.  But then the second half, we started to grind them; we started to grind them out. We had a good start to the second half like Coach said"

Ryan Arcidiacono on his performance tonight:

"There's a lot of improvement, definitely. I mean, I had three turnovers, which I should cut down on, but I thought it was an okay start. All that matters is we got the win and I was happy with our team's performance and the way we came out in the second half."

Ryan Arcidiacono on the tight first half score with UDC:

"We got complacent, but it's just something we have to work on.  Just keep grinding, keep going at them.  We were up 15-2 and then they went on their little run and everything. So we just tried to keep grinding and at halftime we were up five, so like I said the second half the start just really got us going."

Coach Wright on the adjustments made to extend the lead in the second half:

"We really didn't make an adjustment. Like Ryan said, we really just kept `grinding' and I think you know our depth and our size over time.  They're a good team and obviously Jeff Ruland is an outstanding coach.  They could play with us for a while and we're a team that needs a lot of work so over time, our depth and size and physicality just wore them down.  You can see when we got some of those transition baskets; it was more offensively they were going to the glass, getting knocked to their feet. And when they got knocked off their feet we were going down the other way and got some easy baskets. I think it was size and depth."

Maurice Sutton on the team's performance tonight:

"I thought we came out in the first half with great intensity and the second half we just hit ground and played well."

Maurice Sutton on the team's hope from preseason to make this season better than last year's:

"Not really hope, it's just what we do. We stick to our core values we just get back to that and play with that every game with that same intensity."

Maurice Sutton on Villanova's size advantage:

"I think we have great size and it definitely helps defensively. It makes us a better defensive team, definitely."

Maurice Sutton on his offensive performance tonight:

"I mean I think Arch and everybody else put me in a good position, so I thank them for that."

Ryan Arcidiacono on finally stepping out in the first game of the season for Villanova:

"Definitely felt like I've been part of Villanova my whole life. My parents went here. I just I think the first game against Carleton I was trying to do too much, and I wasn't relaxed and wasn't playing my game.  I thought tonight I was a little bit more relaxed just knowing I have great guys on my team so I just came out more relaxed that I will play my game.  It's surreal playing for Villanova. It's been one of my dreams my whole life just it's crazy it's already here."