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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 24, 2005

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Head Coach Jay Wright...

On the game:

"We have all seen two tough-minded, physical and talented teams come in here the last two games. They're really good. We have so much respect for this league and the good teams in it. That was a battle. It was such a physical game. I wasn't sure if we could stop them down the stretch. We couldn't stop [Craig] Smith and they kept going inside. Their wings scored and got to the foul line. It was a real gutsy effort, which is what our team has become, a gutsy, scrappy record. I'm more proud of that than anything else. I'm happy for those guys. That's the type of guys they are, and they have taken the time to show that by playing together."

On winning close games against top teams:

"I think we are learning how to win in different kinds of situations. We have done different things down the stretch of games and found different ways to win. That gives the guys confidence and experience. That's what Boston College has. They know how to win and comeback, and don't get intimidated on the road. You won't find a more intimidating place than this building was tonight, but it didn't bother them. When you play great teams, you can't say that you need to do this or do that. You have to get in the game and see what it's going to take. That's what we have done against [Pitt and Boston College]. We're playing zone down the stretch, and we never do that, but it's the only way we can stop them."

On Kyle Lowry:

"We see Lowry everyday in practice, and we know what he can do. Now everyone else has seen it. He has paid his dues and is proud to be doing it here."

On Villanova's improvement:

"I think it's a combination of the team getting better at the end of the year but also that they are getting better after having played together now for two to three years."

Kyle Lowry...



On the game:

"They came out and played very tough defense, but we came out and tried to stop them and play with a little bit more heart. When we played up there, we gave away a lead in the last few minutes, and tonight we showed that this team has grown and is more mature. We know how to close these games out now."

On his first collegiate start and his role on the team:

"I found out I was going to start on Monday, the same day we found out that Mike [Nardi] was hurt. My role on the team is to go out and play with my teammates and do whatever I can to help out."

Curtis Sumpter...

On whether the team is thinking about the NCAA Tournament:

"It's still not something we're thinking about. We're taking it one day and one game at a time. We can look at the season when it's all over and then see where we are."

On the big wins the team has had this year:

"We can feel good about beating two top-five teams. It shows that we are maturing as a team. Last year we couldn't close out the close games or the big games, and we are showing signs that we can do that this year."