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Postgame Quotes

Feb. 20, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement

"Well you have a couple ways to look at this. We are going to learn from this and get better. There will be a point where this is something we draw upon, but right now there is no question it is tough on our guys. We are battling. End of game situations we are doing good things. This is twice now we get a stop and we score a basket. We have defensive miscues and turnovers too, but I think we are going to learn from this. This is a process from an inexperienced team. It is honestly painful, but it is what sports are all about."

What were you trying to do on the last play in overtime with the pass?

"We overloaded one side of the floor and we tried to throw it to the first open man we could. We put five guys on one side of the floor. We had the timeout. It is just a young player making a mistake. He just made a mistake. A real good team makes up for that and an inexperienced team cannot recover from something like that."

What can you tell your guys to get their confidence back?

"You just have to look at the positive situations in those tight games. For instance, in the Notre Dame game they had the ball and tried to run a play and couldn't, so they called timeout. They couldn't get a shot off and we got a stop and came down and scored. It is the same end of game situation, but you just have to do that one or two possessions more and not look at the results. The results hit you right now, so everybody is hurting. There is no sense when we look at this tomorrow in reliving the hurt, it is just what can we learn from it."

How much has JayVaughn Pinkston emerged as a leader?

"He really has his teammates respect. They trust the ball in his hands. In pressure situations he wants the ball in his hands. He is learning too. He is learning how people are going to play him and also his decision making. That is part of his learning process."



Villanova Guard Dominic Cheek

Can you talk about the performance of Lamb? How tough was it to get a stop?

"Jeremy Lamb is a great player and I respect his game. Defense is something that I need to continue working on."

How do you guys keep your heads up when you are going through something like this?

"Like I said, we always come into the locker room and look each other in the eyes. We know that we gave it up for each other. We are going to just continue to get better. We have two starters not playing right now and we still were in the game with them. We would love to have Maalik [Wayns] and Bell back, but we have to continue to get better. We have to just come to practice and learn."

Can you take us through that inbounds pass at the end of regulation?

"As the leader of the team, I take responsibility for that loss. I should have just called timeout to be honest with you. I wasn't thinking at the time."

Villanova Guard Ty Johnson

Do you have an appreciation for your new role?

"Yes. Just as a back-up point guard, but now at the starter, I try to bring the intensity. I try to be there for my teammates and try to get a victory. I'm just going to keep thinking next play and have good attitude. I want to just keep being there for my teammates because they have been there for me all season."

Associate Head Coach George Blaney

Opening Statement

"I just told the team that is was a great team win. I was really proud of the fact that we maneuvered some guys a little more than usual. I brought Shabazz [Napier] off the bench not knowing if he could play or not. I inserted Roscoe [Smith] at the three and he was phenomenal. Pinkston had 13 points, but it was an expensive 13. I think he took 17 shots to get it, so I was really happy with that. I thought Ryan Boatright did a terrific job defensively. Shabazz played Cheek and for the most part played him pretty well. Andre Drummond was blocking shots and had 11 rebounds and was a monster. Alex [Oriakhi] came in and gave us two key baskets that were really important. I thought number three was just okay tonight."

What were your thoughts on the last shot by Shabazz?

"I set the play up for him. No, but he does that. He has done it in high school and he has done it here. He is really good when he feels it. When he is on, he can pull up from any place. The one problem playing in the pro arena is you have the pro line so you get a little confused from that. He was a good three or four feet off the line at least."