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Post-Game Quotes

Feb. 19, 2013

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

Post-Game Quotes

Villanova 71, Rutgers 63

February 18, 2013

Head Coach Jay Wright

Opening Statement:

“Great BIG EAST battle, I give Rutgers a lot of credit. I mean it’s not a surprise, they always play great tough defense… look at their scores. We struggled to score against them and we really struggled in the first half and we got into foul trouble, and we just came out and we gutted it out. We had to make it ugly in the second half and we made it ugly and we only turned the ball over seven times and for us, everybody might have felt safe on the sideline for the first time, not getting hit in the head with the ball. That was really key for us in the second half.”

On Rutgers’ defense:

“Unbelievable. You’re watching it, that’s unbelievable. Mike (Rutgers Coach Mike Rice) does a really good job with that team defensively, just hard to run offense. In the second half we had to just simplify and try to drive the ball and make plays and try to get some post-ups. Not try to have long possessions… they’re just too good at guarding everything.”

On Villanova’s shooting tonight:

“A couple of the ones that Taj (James Bell) hit were not easy shots, they were contested. They have Mack (Myles Mack) on Taj and he could shot over him, but he was still in his face. It wasn’t like we got many easy shots, we really didn’t. I thought JayVaughn (JayVaughn Pinkston) and Arch (Ryan Arcidiacono) really did a great job of just driving the ball, straight line drives, being aggressive on the drives.”

On the media’s attention to particular wins/losses:



“The hardest thing is to not to listen to the media. They come to Villanova because they’ve been watching games on TV, reading articles about Villanova and that’s what they do. And now they’re here, and they want to read about it and watch it. It’s just human nature and it’s hard for them to learn that and usually the way you learn is you lose a game like this. I think our Columbia game early I think is something we can always refer to and I think tonight was a good step for our guys just not panicking and just sticking to what we do in the second half.”

On what was said at halftime:

“I thought we were tentative. I said we just gotta play I wasn’t angry, I just felt everyone was afraid to be the one to make the mistake instead of being aggressive and I thought the guys responded well in the second half.”

On what the team will learn from tonight’s game:

“All these experiences for us are big. If you’re a team that’s already been to the Sweet Sixteen or the Final Four, all these experiences, you’ve done it before. All these experiences for this team are great and I think they are getting mature now, that you can still win and learn… earlier in the year, I thought you had to lose and learn. I think this game is going to help us a lot, being down 12.  Executing, we picked up a little bit defensively, but we do that sometimes. It was just needed in this game.”

On Rutgers’ Eli Carter:

“We watched him (Eli Carter) in high school we watched him do it, we saw it against DePaul, he’s just a really tough cover because he’s hard to guard one-on-one. You put your smallest guy on him, he’s hard to guard. Whoever you bring to him to double him is bigger, so he just blows by that guy. He’s a hell of a player; he’s a nightmare to guard.”

Sophomore guard Darrun Hilliard

On what changed for him in the second half:

 “A clear head. I wasn’t worried about missing shots and I wasn’t worried about the outcome. I was shooting what I was shooting and I was just going to take my shots.”

On his game mindset:

“Coach always talks about having a clear head. I don’t come in the games worried about scoring, I don’t come in the games worried about winning or losing, I come in the games worried about what we have to do as a team and playing Villanova basketball. And down the stretch, having a clear head it helps to make shots.”

Freshman guard Ryan Arcidiacono

On how the team can handle the pressure of a game like tonight:

“We just have to trust in each other that no matter what happens if we’re up or down, we’re going to stick together.  Doing what we do and that’s Villanova basketball. In the first half we really struggled and we really didn’t play the basketball we wanted to play. In the second half, I think early, we set the tone for how the rest of the game was going to be and I thought that was just big for our team knowing that we were going to grind until the very end.”

Darrun Hilliard

On how the team can handle the pressure of a game like tonight:

“I think the fact that we’ve been here before helps us a lot. We know nobody’s going to give up. We trust the man beside us, the man behind us and whoever’s in front of us. We have each other’s back and we’re never going to give up.”