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Post-Game Quotes: Villanova MBB 80, Seton Hall 54
Feb. 16, 2015

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Villanova Head Coach Jay Wright

 Opening Statement

“This was a good win for us. Three games in six days, whether they are home or away doesn’t matter; it is mentally grinding at this time of the year. I am sure Seton Hall is gong through it too; I know Butler is doing it tonight. It is really difficult at this time of year and I was really pleased tonight. I wouldn’t say we were sharp but we were good for preparing for only one day, I thought we did a really good job.”

On what it takes to beat Seton Hall

“They didn’t have Mobly which makes a huge difference because that is a third perimeter shooter. That definitely makes a difference. That is one thing. I think we played harder and defended better; during the last game we were not sharp defensively.”

On having such a balanced offense and scoring threat

I think that we have exceptional character in our guys which allows us to play that way. I think our guys are really smart and they know that the best chances we have of beating the best teams in the country is if we are hard to prepare for … It is sometimes hard for players to accept that but these guys are really special in that they understand what it is going to take.”

On how the team competes during a grueling schedule

“We try to do things differently depending on how much time we have … We didn’t practice live yesterday so it is hard to go through a scouting report without going live unless you have pretty good basketball I.Q. and focus. That is why I am really proud of these guys; we talked about it yesterday because we had to get ready for two really great scorers and a team without practicing. And they did it.


On how depth affects the team’s ability to play for long stretches

“We talked about it yesterday (in practice) … We were all about getting fresh legs and understanding the scouting report and understanding that we were going to need everyone tonight. The depth had to be an advantage for us … And we did we got Daryl Reynolds in there in the first half and Phil Booth a lot in the first half. I thought Darrun Hilliard and Ryan Arcidiacono looked a little tired tonight but everyone is at this time of year … It is just a matter of ‘we have people who can come in and relieve them’.


On this team’s winning percentage and what it means to the program

“All of our guys take great pride in the teams that came before us and the players that came before them. They are well versed in the history and the tradition here so whenever you hear something like that … When you first hear it you are like ‘woah that is big time’ because any of those records that compare to Villanova teams mean a lot to us. Its human nature though and you have to fight it.  It will all be there at the end of the season and nothing can affect us from taking care of what we need to do tomorrow, which is rest.”

On freshman Phil Booth and his impact on the team this season

“Any other kid in that situation would be mad about his playing time and unhappy. This kid is so into what we are doing … I have never had a freshman be so efficient in short minutes played. He comes in and makes the right plays and makes the right shots. He is just incredibly efficient … as a player that is the hardest thing to do is be efficient in short minutes. He is the best we have ever had at that.”


Ryan Arcidiacono

On playing two games with practicing in between

“We only really have two younger guys on our team. I think that Josh and Kris are pretty used to it from last year. I compared to the Bahamas and BIG EAST tournament time, when we played three straight games. I think the coaches prepared us well and had a good game plan. Our strength and conditioning coach and trainer kept us fresh and hydrated all game.”


On 1,000 point milestone

“Honestly I didn’t know it. It was just another free throw and that’s what everyone was clapping for I guess. It means a lot. There have been a lot of great players in this program but there are also so many great players that haven’t gotten 1,000 points. I’m just happy with the way we played tonight.”


On improved three-point shooting tonight

“I think we were aggressive tonight, we just had good spacing throughout the game. We were able to catch and shoot and draw defenders and catch an extra pass here or there. We didn’t change anything, we were just executing well tonight.”


Daniel Ochefu

On playing well today after a tough game

“I felt good today. Our coaches and our strength and conditioning coaches did a good job to make sure we’re fresh. We were ready to rebound today. That’s one of our core values so we take pride in that.”


Seton Hall Head Coach Kevin Willard

On the played that got Seton Hall's Sterling Gibbs a flagrant two foul
"I didn't see the play, so I can't comment. I apologize. We'll review it and I'm sure the league will review it. And we'll go from there."

On Villanova
"They're just a terrific basketball team. They share the ball really well. At home, they defend so much differently than they do on the road; so much more aggressive. They trap better. I think they play a little bit more aggressive because they know they can withstand a couple of runs and they can get out."

On Seton Hall's recent rough patch in conference play
"There is a lot of finger pointing going on. At the end of the day, this is a very young basketball team that is going through the ringers of the Big East for the first time. I [played] three freshmen, a sophomore, a junior and a senior. They are frustrated that they are losing. They are frustrated of where we were. They just don't understand that this is kind of what happens in this league sometimes, if you don't play at a very high level all the time. It's tough to play at a very high level when you're playing as many freshmen as we are. They just don't understand yet. But they are battling. Their attitudes are great. They're a team that is very frustrated and upset about losing."

On if Villanova is a Final Four-caliber team
"Yes. Without a doubt. Everybody talks about them offensively, but defensively, the way they can take you out of your offense and disrupt you is as good as any team I've seen in a while. The Louisville Final Four team that we played against did it by pressing. Jay [Wright] does a great job coaching after their initial action. After their initial action, they are so good about getting into their second, third and fourth options. I watched Wisconsin the other night; they remind me of Wisconsin. They don't score off the first option; they score off the third or fourth pass. That's what makes them really tough to defend."

On his locker room
"I'd rather have a locker room that is upset and frustrated about losing than a locker room that has lost a bunch of games in a row and is very happy and go-lucky."

On the difference against beating Villanova the first time around in conference play
"We played here [at The Pavilion]. They've done this to everybody. I think Georgetown was down 37 at one point; Marquette was down 20. They are tough at home. This is a great on-campus arena. The students are into it. I don't think we've won here since '94, someone told me. So that's like [20-something] years. I don't think four freshman and a junior are going to walk into this building against the No. 6 team in the country when they are doing it to everybody."